Spikes Asia: The Irresistible Mix of Creative Spices

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Why Spikes?

After awarding game changing campaigns as ‘Life-saving dot’, Wet Suits, Rice Code and other brilliant work, Spikes Asia is back from the 21st to the 23rd of September in Singapore. During these three days, people involved in creativity from all over the world will gather once again to celebrate excellent work generated in Asia, inspire and get inspired.

Inspiration in Diversity

Creativity can be found in all shapes and sizes and the creative industry is bound to take advantage of all these possibilities to create worthwhile work. To highlight this need, the speakers at Spikes Asia this year vary from knowledgeable industry leaders to innovative new comers. Not to mention the fact that they all speak the same creative language while using their unique voices and expertise in a broad spectrum of fields such as arts and culture, creativity, innovation and strategy. For example, we are looking forward to challenging our strategic thinking by listening to Harris Diamond, find new ways of thinking about radio with Tony Hertz and rethinking communication through the eyes of an experienced animation creator like Marko Kljin.

Specific to Asia Pacific

The entries for the festival awards are designed specifically for and to run in the Asia Pacific region and are also created by agencies in the region. The festival is an opportunity for discovery of the regional market through the eyes of creatives.  Surely, for international attendees, the approach will be contrasting to what they are used to in their regions and could come as a refreshing source of inspiration for their own projects.

The Ones to Watch

  •  Harris Diamond, Chairman and CEO, McCann Worldgroup

One of the most fascinating figures that will attend the festival as a speaker is Harris Diamond, Chairman and CEO of McCann Worldgroup known as one of the creative industry’s leading experts, being named PR Agency Executive of the Decade” by The Holmes Report. Through his current role, he is leading teams of talented people from over 120 countries with over 23,000 employees. His colossal experience is definitely recommending him as one to pay attention to during the festival.

  •  Tony Hertz, Creative and Managing Director, Tony Hertz Radio & Brand Sound

On doing the unconventional through conventional means such as radio, Tony Hertz, Creative and Managing Director at Tony Hertz Radio & Brand Sound will surely provide some sort revelation. In a medium that tends to be highly disconsidered, Spikes Asia, through Tony Hertz might just provide some enthusiasm on the topic.

  •  Peter Grasse, Executive Producer, Dictionary Films

In the light of video content being king of the creative world lately, the participation of an absolute talent in filmmaking is a must. Therefore, Peter Grasse, Executive Producer at Dictionary Films is the answer. After leading Curious Films to fame as Australasia’s most awarded Production Company, he can now provide insight on the Asian market through his recent launch of Dictionary Films in Tokyo.

  •  Chris Clarke, Chief Creative Director International, DigitasLB

For strategically made digital work expertise from a passionate believer that brands can be built with a powerful social purpose in mind, Chris Clarke wins the vote of confidence for this year’s edition. As Chief Creative Director International at DigitasLB, as well as one of Campaign magazine top 20 Creative Directors for 2011, 2012 and 2014, his voice is one to be listened to.

  •  Minah Kim, UX Director and UX Team Lead, Cheil Worldwide

In an over evolving world of digital experiences, creatives are seeking inspiration and strategic orientation for creating compelling user experiences that might just stand out from the crowd.

Minah Kim, UX Director and UX Team Lead, at Cheil Worldwide might just be the one to provide some intelligence regarding the increasing challenge of making users enjoy their interactions with brands.

  •  Marko Kljin, Producer, Cirkus Animation

The world of stories expressed through animation will never come to an end. Animated characters always seem to spark emotion into people’s hearts so much easier than human correspondents. Surely, there is a fine line between cleverly used animation and the one used just for the sake of it. For some insight into the world of animation done right, the 17 years of experience of Marko Kljin might just come in handy in discovering where to draw the line.

  •  Amy Chen, Co-founder, Bowhead Technology

The sharing economy and the new generation of socially conscious brands and consumers are leading by example and slowly transforming the world we live in in a better place. To hear a few thoughts in this direction, Amy Chen could, as refreshing as she is, inspire. Amy Chen is the Co-founder and Commercial Lead of Bowhead Technology, founded in early 2015, an innovative startup in the hardware-software-content crossover that dedicates on children well-being and aims to create better, healthier and engaging solutions in the emerging IOT.

Her creation, Gululu, an interactive water bottle, that keeps kids hydrated and parents informed, has become known virally just two weeks after its launch on KickStarter in May 2016.

A Superb Mix of Spices

Altogether, as a regional festival with international participation, Spikes Asia seems to be the perfect destination to connect with the creative Asian space while discovering international trends.

Overall, the spicy mix of exotic Asian culture and thirst for innovation instantly makes this festival irresistible.

Article written by Mara Cristina