Romanian Biz magazine launched Digital Report 2017

Digital & Media

During Social Media Summit Bucharest, Biz magazine launched a new editorial project Digital Report 2017, with the support of Zelist Monitor and Screen Native.

The report reunites information about the digital agencies in Romania, trends and evolutions of the digital market, lists with the most relevant names in the Romanian blogosphere, classified according to the domains they cover, top 50 most followed Romanian vloggers, top Instagram accounts, as well as the top bloggers the communication agencies worked with and top agencies the bloggers collaborated with in 2016.

Starting from the rising of the importance of the business in the digital field, the project reunites the main agencies and digital and mobile marketing divisions, with data about the services they are offering, the portfolio of clients, companies, shareholding, financial data and management teams.

And because digital doesn’t mean only agencies, but also online communicational channels, social media and especially the blogosphere, the Biz team collected a series of list with the most active bloggers, structured on the domains they are covering.

The project also presents the opinions of specialists in the communication industry that are X-raying the most interesting trends of the moment in digital.

Digital Report presents:

  • 50 most influential general blogs (alphabetical order)
  • 50 most influential vloggers
  • 50 most influential instagramers
  • 50 most influential bloggers – stars and journalists (alphabetical order)
  • The most visible blogs in technology / food/ fashion & beauty/travel/marketing and digital/ parenting/ relationships and couple/ cinema, theater and books
  • The most visible blogs of Top agencies that the bloggers worked with in 2016
  • Top bloggers that the agencies worked with in 2016

The lists and the tops can be seen fully in the printed version of the Digital Report that can be ordered from the event’s website.