Ole Smoky Moonshine, a new brand launched by Cristalex on Romanian market

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Cristalex launched in Romania a new brand, Ole Smoky Moonshine, introducing, in the same time, a new category of spirit drinks on the local market. “Moonshine’” – initially an illegal traditional drink brew during the American prohibition and transported at night, at “moonlight” – is sold today all over the world, maintaining the original ingredients and descent.

Ole Smoky Moonshine, one of the best sold moonshine brands in the world, is sold in premium locations in Romania and is available in 6  assortments: Harley-Davidson Road House Customs, Apple Pie Moonshine, Moonshine Cherries, White Lighting Moonshine, Hunch Punch Moonshine, Blue Flame Moonshine.

Introduced on the market as a premium brand, Ole Smoky Moonshine opens up a new category of alcoholic beverages in Romania, targeting mainly the Millennials (21-34 y.o.). The category targets people who define themselves in life through daintiness and passion, pay a lot of attention to the brands they let in their lives and are attached to lovemarks. Under the headline “C’Mon live a little!”, Ole Smoky Moonshine is a urge to live every moment and to cultivate the beauty of what life offers beautiful and interesting.

Mihai Scortea, Marketing Director Cristalex

Opening a new category always represents a challenge and Ole Smoky looks for the challenge by definition, addressing itself to those who want to live unique moments and for whom the distruptive factor is the road to a new and unconventional road

Mihai Scortea,

Marketing Director Cristalex

Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine has a century old heritage and its production process is followed carefully, employing the best local ingredients, from best quality corn – cultivated near the distillery to the pure Tennessee water and the real fruit juice.


Ole Smoky is the leader in the USA moonshine premium distillery and the first legal moonshine from Tennessee, produced at the basis of the “Smoky” mountains, in the picturesque resort Gatlinburg, TN, USA. The company was founded in 2009 by a group of families that out in practice artisan ways of production, with a tradition of over 100 years, in order to produce a unique product in the world. The Ole Smoky Distillery became the most visited distillery in the USA, with 3.5M million visitors each year. A special attention is given to every aspect of the product, the content of every jar in itself being personally distilled and sealed up by a team with life experience and knowledge inherited from one generation to another.