Brazilian speeding drivers, punished with bits of Government Hour by 3yz and Paradiso FM

Ads, Creativity

3yz and Paradiso FM launched a campaign which intervenes directly in Paradiso’s radio users’ app transmission. Whenever the listener is driving, the app measures their speed and the car’s location. When the driver goes over the speed limit, the radio transmission is interrupted for this driver only and they receive the sound penalty. The penalty’s audio explains that the driver is over the speed limit and therefore will have to listen to one minute of Government Hour – the most tedious public radio program. When this minute is over, all the driver has to do is stay within the speed limit that the radio’s schedule go back to normal.

The Government Hour is a standardized compulsory broadcast for all stations, which takes place at 7 pm every evening. This law exists for over 82 years, and is a nightmare for every Brazilian. Also, it is very relevant to consider that Rio de Janeiro’s traffic is the 8th worst in the world.

  • Advertised brand: Radio SulAmérica Paradiso FM, Brazil
  • Advert title: Sound Penalty
  • Advertising Agency: 3yz, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Creative Director: Eduardo Menezes
  • Art Director: Pedro Heckmann
  • Copywriter: Bruna Dahmer
  • Account Executive: Manoela Lisboa
  • Agency Producer: Diego Carvalho
  • Code Developer: Eduardo Schitz, Henrique Boaventura
  • APP Developer: MobRádio
  • Motion Design: Dr. Smith
  • Sound Design: Sound Thinkers
  • Client Services: Márcio Norris