UX Bucharest 2017 to take place in Bucharest 3-6 October

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The second edition of UX Bucharest, the first conference of this kind in the East Europe, will take place at the beginning of October 2017. Specialists in UX Design, Customer Experience, Product Management and more are awaited at Sheraton hotel, 306 October 2017, for more than just a conference, a full experience.

At UX Bucharest 2017 the participants will have three days of very interesting workshops and a full day of presentations held by top industry specialists. Moreover, they will have the occasion of seeing and discussing with important names in the UX international community. Both the workshops’ facilitators and the speakers are persons with experience in the design and consultancy studios in corporations or the academic world.

More pieces of information regarding the schedule, the speakers, the workshops’ thematic and the buying of tickets are available at the event’s website:: 2017.uxbucharest.com

The workshop program:

  • 3 October: workshops in the Customer Experience area: Service Design, Methodology and Innovation in products and services.
  • 4 and 5 October: workshops in the User Experience area: Product Design, Methodology and Processes in UX Design, Users’ research, Personas, UX strategic map.
  • On October 6 will take place the conference in which the scene will be occupied of international speakers with awareness in the User Experience and Customer Experience areas.

Among this edition’s speakers are:

  • Jared Spool – co-founder Center Centre and founder User Interface Engineering,
  • Gregg Bernstein – Senior User Researcher at Vox Media Inc.,
  • Andy Budd – CEO at Clearleft,
  • Adrian Swinscoe – author of the book “How to Wow”, but also consultant and coach for more than 20 years, for entrepreneurs and executives in the area of business strategy and the customer experience, marketing and business development,
  • Jonah Becker – VP in the Design department of Fitbit, prior to that VP in Industrial Design at HTC,
  • Dana Chisnell – vice – professor at Harvard Kennedy School and vice-director of the Center for Civic Design,
  • Juho Paasonen – freelancer in Change Management,
  • Cennydd Bowles – designer and author of the well-known book “Undercover User Experience Design”.

The initiative and the organization of the event belong to the Romanian Association of User Experience Design, non-governmental organization that promotes and supports the growth of the User Experience Design practice in Romania.