FCB Happiness creates 1,440 films, one for every minute of the day, for Slotomania

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Aware that everyone needs some me-time and all deserve to spend that me-time the way they want, FCB Happiness and Slotomania launched a campaign to counter the slight guilt some are feeling when that me-time means playing a mobile game and did so by giving them a reason to play, any minute of the day.

whyitsokaytoplay.com is a real-time video clock that runs perfectly in sync with one’s local time and shows a different video for every single minute of the day. Each 60 seconds unveils an unique video, with a script based on surprising data found about that specific moment in the day, turning each minute into a unique insight and an original reason to play. Those 1,440 facts were turned into 1,440 pieces of content – one for each minute of the day.

For example, 6:39am should be a good time to play, because most successful people wake up at this time, and successful people attract luck. It also reveals that 2:36am is the time most UFOs are spotted – and a good way to avoid an encounter with visitors from outer space is to focus on a game of Slotomania!

Creating a different video for every minute of a 24-hour day requires a small army of creative talent. To create such a colossal wealth of assets meant a large-scale collaboration across the FCB network globally. From London’s FCB Inferno to FCB New Zealand, teams around the world helped deliver a unique story for every minute of the day, with a total of 14 chief creative officers, 37 creative directors, 142 copywriters and 30 video editors at FCB’s production company Fuel Content in Cape Town getting involved. Each story is supported by fast-paced visuals and flashy kinetic typography that resembles the style of the Slotomania game.

The entire production process – from data gathering to completion of the 1,440 films – was done in only eight weeks. We then wrote an algorithm to allow automation to help us out. 6,197 stock clips were automatically generated based on keywords in the script. All words written in the script were adapted into automated kinetic typography. 30 editors did finishing touches, together with 320 hours of studio time to record the voices.

The result is a highly watchable 24-hour feed of pre-populated content that caches every 60 seconds.

It shows how a network can help in creating extraordinary campaigns for clients. It’s truly a worldwide collaboration.

Geoffrey Hantson

CCO FCB Happiness Brussels

Often we are asked, what’s the benefit of a global network. Slotomania is an answer. It took 73 offices writing against an ambitious idea to pull this off. A clear strategy, a strong creative idea executed by the generosity of creative FCBers around the world.

Susan Credle

FCB Global Chief Creative Officer