102 people on the Resistance Chair, in a fundraising campaign for Romanian MagicHome

CSR, People

Over 102 people spent 90 hours on a chair placed within Bucharest’s Galateca Gallery, tens of thousands of messages, over 40K SMS-es from a needed total of 100K one, this is the balance after the first week-end of the campaign that aims to raise funds for MagicHOME, a center that will accommodate freely the families of cancer suffering children. To finalize the project, another 60K sms-es are needed.

The Romanian fundraising campaign saw a high mobilization since its first running week-end. Among people that took over the chair were actors, TV hosts, singers, athletes and public personalities.

Starting November 3rd, 90 people sat for half hour or more on a chair placed within Galateca in order to raise awareness (and encourage donations) regarding the drama lived by the parents that have children suffering from cancer. Another 300 people scheduled a chair sitting in the next 10 days. Among those already offering their support to the campaign were also ordinary people, doctors that sat down after a full service day, mothers or people that lost their dear ones in #Colectiv fire two years ago.

MagicHome center is located in Bucharest, close to cancer treatment units and offers free accommodation, support and other facilities to families that have children diagnosed with cancer or other serious diseases. The campaign was launch to raise funds to build a new center, that will have 700 square meters and will be able to host between 25-30 people a day and to offer over 10K meals a year. To gather the funds, there are needed 100K SMS-es, with each SMS representing a monthly 2 euro donation .