Cookie Studio created a festive fitness Wonderland for Fitbit’s Christmas ad

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Before Christmas, Fitbit launched ‘Fitbit 3D World’, a 20” spot to promote the wearable technology. Created by Dublin-based agency Boys and Girls and animation production studio, Cookie Studio, the ad transported viewers to a fitness-filled three-dimensional world of winter sports and activities.

In the film, viewers make pit-stop visits at an array of festive activities. Crafted in 3D by Cookie Studios, sporting spaces include an ice-skating rink and a snowboarding trick ramp. In the enveloping animation each zone is playfully embellished with polished festive decorations including gingerbread figures, candy canes and sprightly snowmen to complete the seasonal elements. The tour makes its grand finale at central podiums displaying three Fitbit products.

To create the film, Cookie Studio worked closely with creative agency, Boys and Girls, to identify the essential holiday elements and activities to feature in each of the Christmas zones. Cookie Studio then executed the entire animation and design for the bespoke three-dimensional world for Fitbit.

Thiago Maia, Creative Director Cookie Studios:

We collaborated on a joint vision to determine which features would be included in the 3D world. Once decided, it was important to get the camera journey right. The route had to reflect the message, so we visited particular winter sporting zones to emulate a festive tone before finishing at the Fitbit podiums.

Cookie Studio crafted the space and added key festive and fitness details before compositing into the enchanting Christmas landscape. The animation production studio combined its characteristically colorful and buoyant style with smooth metallic finishes and coated veneers to reflect the Fitbit brand. The brand’s color palette was applied to all elements of the ad and the Fitbit product animations were also exclusively modeled, textured and rendered by the studio to reflect their real-life counterparts.

On creating the entirely bespoke animation, Thierry Levy, producer Cookie Studios explains:

We worked on a precise creative and ensured there was zero margin for error. It was incredibly rewarding to work closely with Boys and Girls. Ultimately, we created something that the client, and ourselves, are very proud of.

The sweeping tour of the athletic winter wonderland forms the first in a series of animated provinces that Fitbit will redesign for future iterations. Fitbit will continue to create unique realms to reflect key holidays and seasonal events.

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Animation Studio

Produced and Directed by Cookie Studio

Creative Director: Thiago Maia

Producer: Thierry Levy

Design: Alexis Rabeuf

3D Animators: Nelson De Sousa, Rosalvo Melo, Kevin Francis

Compositing: Nelson De Sousa


Creative Director: Laurence O’Byrne

Producer: Sarah Chadwick

Art Director: Katie Kidd

Copywriter: Avril Delaney

Account Director; Caroline Keogh

Account Manager: Sorcha Brady

Senior Digital Strategist: Aoife Murphy

Music/Sound Design: Denis Kilty


Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce for Fitbit EMEA: Briain Curtin