For the launch of FarCry5, DDB Paris dispenses Joseph’s bad words

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For the launch of the latest installment of FarCry, Farcry5, DDB Paris promoted the video-game by making use of its bad guy.

In Far Cry 5, the villain is called Joseph Seed, the prophet of the Eden’s gate church in Montana who has a very precise mission: save 3000 souls before the end of the world, whether they want it or not.

Filmed in the style of a full-length film “The Baptism” plunges viewers in the heart of one of the initiation rites of the cult. A compulsory purification washes the disciples of their former life and let them enter an existence devoted to Joseph, the only one capable to save them from the Apocalypse.

It needed all the talent of Martin de Thurah, freshly elected for the second time “best commercial director of the year”, to give to this mysterious charismatic prophet the dimension which he deserves. Thurah says: “Joseph is out of reach, and it touches a very uneasy place for us – a psychopath who is unpredictable. It’s very scary and unsettling.”

With the hypnotic beats of Red Sex from Vessel it only takes 2min18sec for “The Baptism” to make people understand Joseph’s power and madness.


DDB Paris

  • Executive Creative Director : Alexander Kalchev
  • Art Director : Alexandre Lagoet
  • Copywriter : Stephane Kaczorowski
  • Agency Supervisor : Marie-Elise Archambaud, Laetitia de Camas
  • Resident Gamer: Alban 404
  • Planner : Sebastien Genty, Dominique Castellano
  • Agency Producer : Sophie Megrous
  • Post-Producer : Toby Ridgway

Client Supervisor : Geoffroy Sardin, Guillaume Carmona, Camille Aneas, Alexia Brume

Production Company : Henry

  • Producer : Jean-Luc Bergeron
  • Production Director : Yannick Dupas
  • Director : Martin De Thurah
  • Director of Photography : Khalid Mohtaseb
  • Editing: Mikkel E G Nielsen/ Antoine Varreille
  • Post-production Supervisor : Sébastien Gros

Post and Sound Production : Schmooze/Ballad

  • Producer : Gregoire Galian
  • Sound editor : Sylvain Rety

Post Production Image, VFX et Mastering – Mikros MPC

  • Production Director : Fabrice Damolini
  • Executive Producers : Malica Benjemia & Quentin Martin
  • Supervisors: Thomas Haas & Mickael Giroid
  • FX Graphic artist: Vincent Audineau
  • Nuke Artist: Randy Gudin
  • Flame Artist: Jao M’Changama
  • Coordinator: Antoine Bory

Remote Grading: MPC London

  • Carlibration: Jean-Clément SORET
  • Director of Colour Production: Ellora CHOWDURY