Nokia #Unitefor #Love in Romania campaign, signed by Romanian Artists Agency

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Romanian Artists Agency  developed, for Nokia, a campaign including 8 videos distributed online, which brings together people from different domains, debutants and people with a set career, all #Unitefor #Love.

#Unitefor #Love campaign is a curatorial experience of stories in which pure love and people’s loyalty for what matters to them are prioritize, no matter it is about music, theater, literature, handball, gastronomy or skateboarding.

Campaign’s messages are focused on the specifics Nokia is presenting its new series of products available on Romanian market, smartphones working on Android platform. The campaign involves public figures, together with young people inspired by them and which chose to transpose the story of the way towards their passion in words, images and emotions.  The stars in the videos are Adrian Despot and Andrada Crețu, Cristina Mazilu and Cătălina Triță, Cristina Neagu and Diana Lăscăteu, DJ Hefe and Mihnea Ferezan (RoadKillSoda), Marius Chivu and Diana Bădică, Marius Manole and Ioana Mărcoiu, Mihnea Groșeanu and Iulia Constantin.

The #Unitefor #Love campaign speaks about a form of love that isn’t romantic, but fulfills and reunite us all: the love for our passions. That is why, when we chose the endorsers for the campaign, we wished to have a special mix of people to be different from each other in terms of activity domains and when it comes of the level in developing their passion. What mattered was to be united bu the same intensity of desires, so their stories would reach to all in Nokia community in order to motivate them to fulfill their dreams. Therefor, I must menton that Romanian Artists Agency also signed the creative concept of the campaign, coordinating its realization and implementation. So, for #Unitefor #Love we didn’t come up just with the best solution in identifying the celebrities’ profiles that match the brand, but we managed to show through emotion Nokia’s vision on how people are an inexhaustible inspiration source and motivation for each others

Roxana Alexandru,

Founding partner Romanian Artists Agency

Adrian Despot, one of Nokia’s endorsers and the one that signs the sound background for the video bringing together all those involved into the campaign, said:

#Unitefor #Love is about music, about shared experiences and emotions. The most I feel to get myself involved in the campaign is because it speaks about trust and respect you put in what you do, no matter the area of activity/ Or I have said that before…music is the most beautiful when is made with soul, talent, passion…

#Unitefor #Love is the first digital brand campaign initiated in Romania by HMD Global, the company that owns the exclusive licence for Nokia branded phones and tablets in Romania. HMD Global is “The Home of Nokia Phones”, and the campaign takes place online, via 8 promotional clips posted on Facebook Nokia Mobile.



Romanian Artists Agency

  • Ana-Maria Apostoiu – Strategic Communications Director
  • Roxana Alexandru – Talent Manager
  • Adela Stoicescu – Account Manager

HMD Global

  • Daria Marinescu – Marketing Manager


  • Andrei Gheorghe – Director
  • Mihai Pascu – Copywriter
  • Claudia Asanache – Producer / Account Manager
  • Boroka Biro – DOP
  • Raya Al Souliman – Assistant Director
  • Flavia Barabas – Scenographer
  • Ovidiu Saracan – Sound Director
  • Iulian Ionita – Editor
  • Stefan Kanovici – Editor
  • Claudiu Trif – Editor

Digital team:  

  • Anca Duma – DC Communication

Media team

  •  Andreea Radu – Ogilvy
  • Gratiela Cenoiu – Ogilvy

Romanian Artists Agency (RAA) is an agency representing artists from different domains in their relation with film, TV, advertising and other creative industries in Romania. It is specialized in talent management, PR&events, branded entertainment, audio-video production.