Provident Romania study: Over 50% Romanians spend Labor Day holiday at home

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Over half of Romanians opted to spend home the mini-holiday for Labor Day (May 1st) and have plans to take trips to forests (20%) or mountains (15%), while seaside and city breaks each represent 6% in people’s plans for the occasion, according to a poll made by Provident Financial Romania.

Those spending their mini-holiday away for home will reach their destination by driving (a third), riding a friends’ car (10%) or the train (5%), while only 2% will go by plane.

When it comes of Romanian seaside resorts, the top 3 destinations are Mamaia, Vama Veche and Navodari. When it comes of Vama, over 50% say it isn’t matching their taste, a quarter state that the resort “isn’t any longer what it used to be” and just 15% are still happy with it.

Grilling is a national sport for Romanians on May 1st, with over half intending to grill “mici” (mini-kebabs), 45% go with chicken meat and 39% will add also pork steaks. A third of the questioned people say the menu will also include side-dishes, like grilled veggies.

When it comes of the pre-holiday shopping, 80% Romanians will buy what they need from supermarkets while a little over 25% opt for neighborhood markets. Independent producers are the third best preferred option for supplies, far from small stores or home delivery.

For over 50% Romanians, the budget allotted for May 1st parties is of RON 150, with 25% likely to spend double that amount, 12% to go close to RON 500 while significantly less intend to use more money than that. Among the questioned ones, over half say they have the same budget for May 1st like last year and a quarter will reduce their spending for the occasion.

Provident ran the poll online, in April, on a sample of 1.575 respondents from all over Romania.