FCB Bucharest made Tasty Colors from veggies, for Louis Bonduelle Foundation

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FCB Bucharest created, for Louis Bonduelle Foundation, Tasty Colors, the first water-colors created 100% from vegetables. The prototype was made together with INCDCP-ICECHIM, following several months of research, testing and product design.

The project started from a real problem most parents are facing: how to convince the young children that it’s cool and healthy to eat vegetables. FCB Bucharest and Louis Bonduelle Foundation decided to befriend children and vegetables through play.

For children, play never ends. Not even at lunch. And if, while eating, they play painting with natural colors, extracted from veggies, maybe they will think twice before refusing the vegetable side-dish from their plate. Because they did play together, didn’t they? It’s fantastic how many things one can learn while playing

Claudiu Dobrita

Chief Creative Officer FCB Bucharest

We’re always looking for ideas to deliver the message in a different manner, to change something. And we become serious, we look at the numbers, then to people, we turn them on all sides and then one of us asks, half-serious: “What if?”. And even if since that moment, for a year, all was measured more in tests, stages and stabilizations, we always considered the process to be something extremely fun. Because that’s what all is about and we don’t believe we would’ve succeeded otherwise

Olivia Spanu & Viorel Holovaci

Senior Copywriter Senior Art Director FCB Bucharest

To make the prototype, five types of dehydrated vegetables were used: tomato, corn, peas, carrot and beets. From them, the specialists from INCDCP-ICECHIM extracted the natural pigment. After 4 months of gathering, mixing and preparing pigments and another 6 months of testing in order to achieve the wanted texture and concentration, the veggie colors came to life. In the end, the specialists added to each color obtained the shape of the vegetable it was extracted from, in a shell with an expressive design specially developed to attract children’s attention.

We were very happy to participate to starting this educational project together with FCB Bucharest, a project which represented both a scientific and technical challenge for us. After full months of dehydrating vegetables, we extracted the pigment, stabilized it and tested the result 13 times, and we got exactly the desired result – we created the first prototype set of paints just from vegetables, safe and fun for the little ones

dr. habil. Florin Oancea

Scientific director INCDCP-ICECHIM

The created prototype is the first stage of an educational program for children that Louis Bonduelle Foundation aims to launch on Romanian local market. The project marks also the launch of the Foundation in Romania and has the mission to create a platform full in resources and activities which will encourage the veggies’ consumption and healthy culinary habits.

To launch Louis Bonduelle Foundation in Romania, we wanted a special project to attract attention over our purpose: promoting a healthy life and supporting the food education, especially with projects dedicated to children. The idea proposed by FCB was a real challenge for us also, as it required patience and trust, as it is a complete innovation. We trust it will have the desired impact. The vegetables can be fun, as long as they are introduced in a child’s food habits in a natural manner

Monica Dima & Roxana Nanescu

Head of Marketing & Brand Manager Bonduelle Balkans

Project’s credits 

FCB Bucharest: Claudiu Dobrita – Chief Creative Officer, Viorel Holovaci – Senior Art Director, Olivia Spanu – Senior Copywriter, Miruna Anton – Junior Art Director, Delia Soare – Group Account Director, Anca Duta – Account Manager, Silviu Clinciu – Account Executive, Gabriela Pricob – Production Manager, Ionut Stan – Senior Production Executive

Bonduelle: Monica Dima – Head of Marketing and Communications Balkans, Ukraine, Caucasus, Middle Asia, Roxana Nanescu – Brand Manager Balkans

ICECHIM: Dr. habil. Florin Oancea – Scientific Director, Dr. chim. Rusandica Stoica – Scientific Researcher 3rd degree, Dr. eng. Mihaela Manolache – Quality director and Tech Manager, Analysis Lab