Barza launched the app that monitors daily the feminine hormonal variations

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Barza launched an app that monitors daily the feminine hormonal variations that can influence the physical and emotional state throughout the menstrual cycle. By introducing some data such as the beginning of the last cycle, the duration of the menstrual period, the Barza app offer personalized information and daily recommendations regarding the activities, the food and the products that can help women pass easily over the discomfort of some month’s stages.

With the help of daily monitoring, the app’s users can find out what are the days with the optimum level of energy in which they can feel in the best shape, ready to take on important projects or the days in which they should show a special attention to the food eaten and the physical exercises in order to raise the level of serotonin and to counter attack the lack of energy.

The app has the role of a digital calendar for monitoring the hormonal variations during the menstrual period but, at the same time, represents a support calendar for the women who want to become mothers,because, following the entered data, it’s indicated the day in which they must start using the ovulation test in order to find out the most fertile days for conception. And, when they are anxious to know if they are pregnant, the app recommends the use of the ultra sensitive pregnancy test , with 5 days earlier than the possible day of the next menstruation, in order to reduce the waiting period.

The Barza app is available for free download both in Google Play and AppStore.