The first edition of RDW Awards by glo chose its winners

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The selected and presented projects at the central exhibition Romanian Design Week 2018 were applauded during the gala at the first edition RDW Awards by glo that took place at Apollo – Palatul Universul. 14 trophies were given to those projects that stood out through excellence and a different approach, from the desire of celebrating and applauding what the Romanian design has to offer best in 2018.

The RDW Awards by glo were awarded by the Romanian Design Week creative board and were as follows:

-in Architecture – two projects:

  • Occident (Occident), developed by ADNBA – a block of flats that sits perfect on a typical Bucharest street,one of the most innovative housing complex in Romania,
  • Restaurant Werk – un proiect-model de recuperare a patrimoniului industrial, care aparține studioului Filofi si Arhitectura;

-in Graphic Design the winners were:

  • Alice Stoicescu for the project KAJET – succeeds in impressing wthrough the very articulate and coherent meta-language, applied in a publication with the community team;
  • Paul Dersidan for the project HEHEHE – a fictional editorial project, awarded both for the visual language, but also for the questions it raises;
  • Radu Manelici for the collection PARKOUR and the manner in which it succeeds in transform into the final object the personal journey in the world of each artist, at the same time keeping the collection’s elegant coherence,
  • Saddo, for the project THE BIRD YARD, that attracts the attention through execution and memorability;
Ioana Ciolacu

-in Fashion:

  • Alexandru Floarea – for the most attire in the exhibition,
  • Ioana Ciolacu – the most mature, wearable and balanced collection
  • Olah Gyarfas – inovation in the materials,originality and contemporary style;

-in Object Design:

  • DADA Studio by Dan Andresan for the project Cavaleri La Sposa – a Romanian kayak that gets remarked by its elegant style,
  • Mesteshukar ButiQ for the collection Home Decor 18 – Contrasts, that stood out through a very contemporary aesthetic register and through an innovative,efficient and intelligent use of the traditional craft
  • 201 Design Studio for Ubikubi, that won for the project Compose – Shelving system – an efficient and modular product, backed up by a lot of research and that has an impressive technical detailing.
Somes Delivery

The RDW creative board decided to also award two special prizes that stood out by their social impact and surpassed the boarders of the category in which they were exhibited:

  •  Somes Delivery – an event and a model of civil architecture and community involvement
  • CONSTITUȚIA (The Constitution), by Grapho Mat – an initiative that pleasantly surprises through the simplicity of the idea, the freshness of the execution and the maturity of the approach.

The Romanian Design Week Creative Board was included:

  • Adrian Soare – CUMULUS partner architect,
  • Domnica Margescu- Fashion Editor at Elle,
  • Maurice Munteanu-Fashion Editor at Elle,
  • Mihai Gurei – Creative Director and Owner Intro,
  • Ovidiu Hrin- Synopsis,
  • Stefan Ghenciulescu- architect and Editor-in-Chief of Zeppelin magazine.