Citroen and Traction introduced Seetroën, glasses against motion sickness

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Citroen and its agency, Traction (BETC), introduced Seetroën, the firstglasses against motion sickness, as the French car manufacturer decided to make travelling more comfortable.

Motion sickness is a common condition that chronically affects more than 30M people in Europe. One in three develops symptoms at least once in a lifetime.

Based on this observation, Traction (BETC Group) and Citroën created an unique object, which will initially be sold in limited and exclusive quantities, in the brand’s lifestyleboutique, availablefor pre-ordering starting with July 6th .


The Seetroën glasses use Boarding Ring ™ technology: a patented and tested paramedical device, with a 95% efficiency rate, developed by a French start-up. Motion sickness is due to a difference in perception between the sight and the sense of balance.

Coloured liquid moves in rings arranged around the eyes, in the frontaldirection (right-left), but also in the sagittal direction (front-back).

This recreates an artificial horizon which re-synchronizes the sight and the inner-ear and solves the motion sickness in less than 10 minutes and in 95%of the cases.


Citroen: Arnaud Belloni – Claudine Borel – Stéphane Barbat

Traction (BETC Group)

Agency Management: Bertille Toledano – Hugues Reboul – Julien Grimaldi – Emmanuelle Woerhel

ECD: Stéphane Xiberras

CD: Nicolas Lautier

Art Directors: Julien Lefèvre & Antoine Montes

Copywriter: Alban Gallée

Creative Tech & Lead Producer: Bao Tu NGoc

Strategic Planning: Philippe Martin Davies

Design: 5.5

Production: Fury

Director: Kids Go First