Iceberg announces an EC pilot project to support the digital transformation of SMEs in Romania

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Tech and consultancy company Iceberg announced the launch of Digitalise SME, a pilot project financed by the European Commission at the initiative of the European Parliament, which will support the digital transformation of SMEs and big companies from EU member states. With this pilot, there will be offered free tech assistance services for the digital transformation process for circa 90 SMEs and big companies. The services will be delivered by 120 “digital enablers”, experts in digital transformation from the entire Europe, which will be selected by the members of project’s consortium.

The Romanian companies can find our more details on the project and apply to benefit of the services offered via Digitalise SME via The same website is the place where Romanian experts in digital transformation can apply to assist companies from other member states of the process. Iceberg implements the project together with other 4 hubs of digital innovation from Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Czech Republic, coordinated by the CEA-PME confederation of SME’s European Entrepreneurs.

Ionuț Țața, CEO Iceberg:

Digitalise SME comes to complete the other initiatives that our company has in the area of digital transformation, such are the project CUPA – Performand and Adaptable Performant Human Capital, in which we are prepping over 500 Romanian managers to develop digital business strategies, or I4T, our center for tech transfer with focus on 4.0 industry. Those initiative are part of an ecosystem of innovation we are building within the Innovation Cluster, one of the 3 digital innovation hubs identified by the European Commission in Romania

The expected results from the project are the development of a match-making platform reuniting digital experts and European SMEs interested in digital transformation, preselection of 200 SMEs and 120 digital enablers for pilot and implementation stages, tech assistance for digital transformation for 80-90 SMEs.

Romanian Iceberg is a company developing services in areas such are consultancy, financing, start-ups, tech, digitalization and tech transfer. The duration to implement Digital SME is 18 months