Rusu + Bortun work on a CSR platform for Orange in Romania

Branding, Creativity

Romanian agency Rusu+Bortun created an identity to represent the CSR projects and initiatives that Orange Romania is already running for years. The new identity is completed by a dedicated platform, “For Tomorrow”, with an inspirational concept respecting brand’s values. The platform represents the essence of Orange Romania’s CSR projects, oriented mainly towards education and with focus on sustainability, building partnerships and long term vision.

Considering Orange Romania’s orientation towards progress via digital education and innovative entrepreneurship, the platform approaches 4 main areas: digital education, social involvement, green cities and responsible tech. Each category had, during the launch period, its own ambassador, a known opinion leader in a set area.

The campaign for platform’s launch started with the delivery of letters (which included a specially made envelope and a special message) to influential bloggers known for their interest towards social cases. The CSR platform was then launch, under the idea of a digital time capsule meant to open – with tech’s help – a communication channel between present and future. In the same time, people were invited to register their own video messages related to what they could do today for tomorrow and upload them; after the video messages were available for two weeks, they were uploaded in cloud and will be reopened in 2028


Rusu+Bortun: Mihaela Neatu, Catalin Rusu, Miruna Macsoda, Marc Bortun, Marius Tudor, Bob Toma, Bogdan Pop, Eugen Preda, Ruxandra Oprea, Simona Oprea, Emil Nicolescu. Special thanks to Adriana Lungu.

Orange Romania: Veronica Dogaru, Alina Stan, Andreea Grigorescu, Dragoș Dumitrascu, Ioana Acsinia, Andrei Nicoara, Andrei Ionescu, Ana Filipescu and Larisa Bucur