Four Romanian creatives are part of the ADC*E Awards 2018 Jury

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Sandra Bold, Senior Creative Publicis London, Andreea Ghenoiu, Creative Director Jazz Communication, Ema Prisca, Creative Director Garcia&Prisca, and Eugen Suman, Executive Creative Director Friends\TBWA Bucharest, all ADC*RO members, are part of the 27th edition of the ADC*E Awards’ Jury.

ADC*E Awards represents the only international competition that reunites the best campaigns and design projects in Europe, offering them visibility and promotion at an international level. The entries are possible exclusively based on the recognition obtained at the local competitions. In Romania’s case, at the ADC*E Awards 2018 can be entered winning works from the 2017’s edition of the local creativity festival FIBRA awards.

A jury formed of 60 top creatives will evaluate the entered works at ADC*E Awards in the categories: Film & Radio, Print & Outdoor, Interactive & Mobile, Graphic Design, Promotions & New Media and Integration & Innovation.

Woooohoooo – Interactive and Mobile! I feel as if I won the categories’ lottery. I find it fascinating how each year we discover new ways of telling stories – what I find it even greater is that we find new ways of telling old stories. What I want to see in the category are ideas about how to integrate the technology in a less intrusive manner, how we make the smartphone not to keep us with the eyes on the screen, to transform it into a remote control that allows us to explore the world around us. I cannot wait to see what great ideas are out there

Sandra Bold,

Juror, Interactive & Mobile jury

The juror experience, especially the one in the room, is a fantastic one. The ideas and opinions exchanges, the questions that you are asking yourself and the ones that you haven’t thought about. I lived that for the first time at Eurobest and I hope to live it at ADC*E Awards as well. Plus the exposure to super ideas and 2-3 days in which all you do is watch and dissect wonderful campaigns. They are charging me and motivating my overdose of creativity in the judging process. Therefore, I cannot wait. PS: obviously that I feel honored that I have been chosen. I’ve been wanting for some time to do this, but I waited to win with my teams some awards before judging others. Now I can say that I know what it means the effort behind a real impact campaign and I will be looking for this impact in the judging process as well, besides the idea

Andreea Ghenoiu,

Promotions & New Media jury

I am happy to take part in the ADC Europe festival because it’s the only festival that reflects the European creative advertising zeitgeist. In two days you can realize where is Europe situated at a creative level in advertising, at sensitive themes and social tensions, at using crafts&arts and technology. That, at least me, helps me contextualize my own work in relation to the greatest creatives in UK, Germany, Spain or with creatives from related countries. Another reason for liking this festival is that at least at shortlist level reach even specific, local things,for which I have a big curiosity, but you don’t see too often awarded

Ema Prisca,

Jury Film & Radio

It’s always a joy to be part of the ADC*E jury especially because here you see works that you don’t necessarily see in other festivals. There can only compete winners in the local ADC festivals, that is why you can see a lot of works with local character. If you combine the winners at ADC*E and the winners at other regional festivals you have a very good image over the European creativity. I am for the third time part of this jury, once from the Czech Republic and twice from Romania, and I have the same energy as the first time. Good like to the participants!

Eugen Suman,

jury Print & Outdoor

ADC*E Awards takes place in Barcelona, in the period 9-10 November 2018, and is part of the European Creativity Festival.

The works can enter the competition until September 27th 2018, here.