NIVEA and FCB Bucharest give voice to the teenagers that believe in themselves


The most important like is the one we give ourselves in the mirror.  And the success starts from this like. And it is still it that inspires other girls to understand where does beauty come from, to take care of themselves and to be conscious that there aren’t things that they cannot do. This is what is all about in the #LikeYourself Nivea movement, a campaign signed by Bucharest and targeting all the teenagers in the whole country.

The NIVEA #LikeYourself campaign started in 2016, under the shape of a national caravan that was bringing high school girls a new course. One in which they were using the mobile phone and a dedicated app that was allowing them to receive personalized tips & tricks, where they were discussing about personal care and how to highlight their natural beauty and moreover that #LikeYourself is about an interior state of more than something physical. This year, from the desire of supporting the most possible the teenagers that believe in themselves, the campaign continued with a new surprise: the chance that they would be among the influencers that bring the message of personal trust even further.

“Women trust the brand NIVEA and we want to inspire them to trust themselves and feel better in their own skin. The success of the #LikeYourself caravan in high schools showed us that the teenagers receive with enthusiasm our message and inspired us to make the the voice of this movement. We believe that trusting yourself can be contagious when is expressed in a convincing manner and the #Likeyourself movement proposed itself to find and support those girls that can offer a beautiful example,” said Oana Niculae, Jr. Brand Manager, Biersdorf Romania.

The first thing the girls had to do was to enter the initiatives’ website and put a post that represented their opinion regarding this movement that their favorite bloggers were already talking about. If at the beginning registered almost  1.000 teenagers with ages 18- 25, in the second round were selected 400 persons that had already started to encourage the self trust, through their own example.

NIVEA selects influencers in every stage and the ones left receive #LikeYourself cool boxes with a personalized letter from Andreea Ibacka, NIVEA products and fun accessories, under different themes, having the mission to inspire as much people as possible not to leave the house without giving themselves a like in the mirror.

In order to actively and constantly support the teenagers involved in the project, NIVEA created a dedicated Facebook group where take place discussion “between girls” and where Andreea Ibacka makes live sessions with influencers that have questions related to believing in themselves. This year’s end of campaign will see the person with the biggest trust in herself crowned as the ambassador that will bring the movement and the sign of #LikeYourself to New York, in an unique excursion alongside NIVEA.

The project takes place May – December 2018 and is communicated via NIVEA’s online channels (website, Facebook, Instagram și Youtube), through PR actions and through the collaboration with three of the most appreciated beauty bloggers: Andreea Ibacka, Laura Mușuroaea and Maria Dragason (Special Koko). Moreover, the message has been adopted by several other influencers in online that have encouraged the girls tojoin the campaign, to trust what they feel and what they are.

The teams in the project are:

Beiersdorf Romania:  Daniela Craciun, Brand Manager, Oana Niculae, Jr. Brand Manager, Carmen Pavel, Marketing Manager Romania & Bulgaria.

FCB Bucharest: Olivia Spanu – Senior Copywriter, Tiberiu Papa – Senior Art Director, Oana State – Group Creative Director, Alina Stanciu – Senior Account Manager, Alexandra Rus – Senior Account Manager, Stefania Dinu – Account Executive, Teodora Ieseanu – Senior PR Executive, Alina Stefan – PR Director, Gabriela Pricob – Production Manager, Ionut Stan – Production Executive, Vlad Crisu – DTP Manager.

The digital and media components of the campaign were realized with the help of Republika and WAVEMAKER.