Mastercard: Romania ranks 5th in Europe in adopting the contactless technology

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Contactless tech, developing with high speed, became the most used form of electronic payment in Romania, country which ranks 5th in Europe when it comes of the number of contactless transactions made in stores: more then two thirds of transactions made via Mastercard cards are contactless.

A recent Mastercard study confirms the increase in usage for contactless tech in Romania: the number of contactless transactions increased 139% in the first 8 months of the current year compared to the same period last year, representing close to 70% from the total transactions made in stores.

The study, conducted by Mastercard in Europe, shows that in over 15 European market – including Romania, Denmark, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and Russia – the percentage of contactless transactions made with Mastercard cards is over 50%.

The study also shows that European countries are dramatically changing the habits when it comes of adopting contactless, with many European countries embracing cashless economy, shown by dropping the cash in favor of contactless .