Pilsner Urquell teaches consumers how to perfectly pour a pint of beer

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Pilsner Urquell, together with the recruitment project of the first tapster in Romania, launched an innovation in the consumers’ education field regarding the right serving of the beer. For two weeks, the people of Bucharest can learn, through an app, how to perfectly pour a pint of beer,with the help of the mobile phone.

Their action will be projected directly on interactive outdoors in the city. Jan Stanik, Head Tapster Pilsner Urquell, will evaluate each person’s shill and the best ones will be rewarded with Pilsner Urquell prizes.

Choosing the first tapster in Romania is not the only premiere that us, the team from Pilsner Urquell, proposed ourselves to have this year. We wanted to explain better to the people what it means,truly, a perfect served draft beer. Therefore, the idea of inviting them to pour the beer in the pints with the help of the app on the mobile phone and of receiving feedback from one of the most famous Pilsner Urquell tapsters liked to us a lot and we are happy that we succeeded in implementing it,” said Georgiana Bercu, Brand Manager Pilsner Urquell, Ursus Breweries.

All the people interested in truly finding out how to pour a beer perfectly – with three fingers of foam, as Jan Stanik recommends- are invited at Cinema City in AFI Palace and at Globalworth Tower to connect their phone (through joc.tapster.ro/play.tapster.ro) at the installed screens and to start the test of the perfect service.

The program of the activations is as follows:

Cinema City, AFI Palace (Blvd. General Vasile Milea, nr. 4): between 17 – 30 September, 12.00 – 22.00;