The Czech Center leads August’s ADC*RO Top 3 for the campaign Some ”visited”us in 1968

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ADC Romania’s August winning work is the campaign Some ”visited” us in 1968 for the Czech Center, that also takes the number one spot in the OOH section.

The Work of the Month

The work is celebrating 50 years since the historic moment named „Primavara de la Praga” (The Prague Spring).

The text: Some ”visited” us in 1968. You did not. So visit us in 2018! is an appreciation towards Romania’s refuse to invade the Czech Republic in 1968. The team behind the idea was formed by Frantisek Zachoval (the director of the Czech Center) // Concept & Text and Andrei Turenici // Graphic Designer.

A very smart print! a simple,but not simplistic typo, a correct one. Very British. When I saw it on Facebook I told myself that this is not from Romania! But it could have been done by us or by the Albanians. You get it if you didn’t skip the history classes in the 12th grade. A smart print for the target as well. It’s like an intervention of Cornel Dinu in a sports TV show with the eternal mono-syllabic guests in which he comes and compares Mourinho’s strategy with the one of  Napoleon in the Waterloo fight

Arpad Rezi,

ADC*RO member & Co-Creative Director Mainstage

When it comes of digital, the first place went to Chill Battle from Kubis Interactive for Ursus Cooler. The team that created the battle between Sergiu and Costel is formed by Alina Radut & George Stefan (Art Directors) and Alexandra Horvath & Ioana Negrea (Copywriters).

Second place went to  O mamă la nevoie se cunoaște/ A mother is known in need, a CSR project developed by the agency WOPA for the Romanian Beer Association, with Alex Cotet that puts himself in the mother role in order to highlight the peril of the alcohol consumption while driving. The idea belongs to the team: Andrei Deleanu (Copywriter) and Mihai Gheorghiu (Senior Art Director).

An accolade in the category went to the campaign #SunaUnPrieten (CallAFriend) thought by MRM Romania for Metropolitan Life. The idea belongs to the team: Denisa Armasu (Senior Copywriter) and Razvan Banica (Art Director). #SunaUnPrieten encourages people to choose an insurance as they want and show the consequences that show up in the lack of it.

In Print, 1st place went to the campaign “Movies you want to see even you know the spoilers” the 10th edition of Rasnov’ Film and Histories Festival. The idea belongs to the agency MullenLowe Romania, the team being formed of Silviu Antohe (Art Director) and Mihai Costache (copywriter).

The second place went to the special labels for  Apa Nova bottles – the future without plastic, while the creative idea came from Julien Britnic (Copywriter), with Bogdan Petcu – Art Director. In order to attract the attention over the care for environment, Apa Nova and the two creatives imagined a world without plastic.

The accolade in the category goes to Red Cross – Soldier , a campaign for the Romanian Red Cross, implemented by Valentin Ionescu (Art Director) and Radu Nantu (Copywriter) from MullenLowe Romania.

Some “visited” us in 1968 also took 1st place in OOH, while the “Movies” campaign by MullenLowe Romania  ranked 2nd.

In Experiential / BTL, a diploma in this category went to McCann Worldgroup Romania for Mastercard Tiny Home. The team formed of Mocanu Serban (Art Director) and Ruxandra Andrei (Copywriter) came up with a creative solution atthe problem observed by Mastercard: the lack of places to stay during the music festivals. Therefore, Mastercard and McCann Worldgroup Romania transformed the participants’ experience at the music festivals by putting up a sustainable house even in the festival’s heart, even if we talk about Electric Castle or SummerWell.