URSUS Retro received the Silver Medal at World Beer Awards 2018 (UK)

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At less than six months after the official launch, URSUS Retro climb on the podium of World Beer Awards 2018, one of the most prestigious world competition in the beer industry, being also the only Romanian beer brand awarded.

It’s a special thing the fact that from all the participants beer brands in the competition at the category  Classic Pilsener, URSUS Retro succeeded in receiving the Silver medal. The award confirms the fact that URSUS, the leader of the premium beer in Romania, continues to lead the top of the Romanian beer brands awarded internationally. We are very honored and proud of this medal,” said Victor Teiosanu, Premium Brands Director, Ursus Breweries.

The Silver medal received this year completes the portfolio of medals URSUS won at World Beer Awards, this award being the six medal in the last three years. In URSUS’ general portfolio are over 40 won medals in the last 15 years,” pointed out Corina Hopulele, Beer Fabrication and Quality Director, Ursus Breweries.

URSUS’s portfolio of won medals in the last 3 years,only during the competition “World Beer Awards” is:


  1. URSUS Retro                                                – Silver Medal style Classic Pilsener


  1. URSUS Premium                                              – Country WinnerGerman style Pale Lager
  2. URSUS Non-Alcoholic                                    – Country Winner – Low Carb / Low Alcohol (0.1% – 2%)


  1. URSUS BLACK                                                    – Romania’s BEST Dark Lager
  2. URSUS COOLER Non-Alcoholic                  – GOLD medal Non-Alcohol Lager
  3. URSUS UNTOLD                                           – GOLD medal German-style Pale Lager


World Beer Awards is one of the most important international competitions in the beer industry and that takes place in the UK. The judging process is realized first on regions (Asia-Oceania, Europe and the other two Americas) and from the winners in each regions is chosen in the end the best beer in the world of the year, from each style.