Headvertising and ING have the ADC Romania’s September “Best Work of the Month”

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ADC Romania presents “The best works” on TV, Outdoor and Digital in September.  ING – Salveaza-ti timpul (Save your time” was declared “The Work of the Month” and also took the number one place in the TV and OOH sections.

The newest ING campaign – Salvează-ți timpul! (Save your time) gathered the biggest amount of points and become September’s Best Work in TOP 3 ADC.  The campaign has an execution that literary presents the sense of the expression. The creative idea belongs to the team formed of Andreea Moise (Art Director) and Laura Dragomir (Copywriter) from Headvertising.

From the apparently complicated relationship between a literal-ism and an expression that wasn’t born in Romania (and that still has some time to pass between it receives the citizenship), was born a campaign of a simplicity and applaudable cleanness that continues ING’s road of explaining the rad finacial concepts through simple and easy to be perceived ideas. That type of entertaining and educative video that one can see 30 times is ok, because it looks fabulous. Every time,” said Laura Nedelschi, Creative Director Kubis Interactive & ADC*RO member.


Headvertising and ING – Salveaza-ti timpul! takes the number one spot at the TV section as well.


Second place goes to the campaign with surviving pieces of advice of those from 4×4 Biscuiti de Teren. The series „În caz de aventură” (In case of adventure) shows hoe the 4×4 off road biscuits are the unique solution when you cannot light the fire or you do not succeed in finding a shelter in the nature.

The accolade of the TV category goes to TELOM-R and the campaign  Când ai vrea să fie ai tăi alături de tine? (When would you want your dear ones to be next to you?)
The campaign presents an emotional level that highlights the importance of the prevention in health care. The creative idea belongs to the team formed by Bogdan Popescu – Art Director and Bogdan Obreja – Copywriter, from Armada Marketing.


Number one goes again to Headvertising and ING – Salveaza-ti timpul!


Coca-Cola and MRM//McCann Romania come back with Next Big Vlogger and reach the number one spot in Digital. After a successful first series, Next Big Vlogger comes back with a second edition of the contest. The team that created the campaign was: Mihai Vasile (Senior Copywriter), Ioana Enache (Senior Copywriter), Corina Ionita (Senior Art Director), Iulia Boloca (Copywriter) and Adina Ciocan (Art Director).

Second place goes to Lidl Romania for the coffee Bellarom, a campaign at which worked Traian C. Munteanu (Art Director) and Miruna Iasmina (Copywriter) – MullenLowe Romania. The creative idea transforms the morning coffee into a trustful partner for those who had more or less pleasant experiences the night before.

The accolades for the Digital section are:

• calif alongside Mainstage the Agency that say „Punct și de la capăt” (Stop and over again) in the new campaign with Psihotrop, a proof that from now on Calif becomes calif (• calif). The brand comes back with a rebranding and a campaign suitable for its identity. The team working on it was formed of: Nadejda Ghilca (Art Director) and Sebastian Olar (Copywriter).

BCR with Mainstage the Agency prepared the campaign Independent Financiar (Financially Independent), launched as a single through the collaboration between Lino Golden and  Scoala De Bani. Adapted from the song of Lino Golden, the campaign’s message puts accent on the importance of calculating the investments for those who want to develop their own business. The team: Nadejda Ghilca (Art Director) and Raul Gheba (Copywriter).

TELOM-R and Armada Marketing receive also an accolade in Digital.