MullenLowe Bucharest, injection of creativity from Ghana

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MullenLowe Romania integrated within its team, until end October, a creative couple from its sister agency from Ghana, MullenLowe Ghana. The 2, Michael and Sylvanus, came to Bucharest and worked side by side, as Art Directors, with the Romanian creative department. The experience was part of MullenLowe’s efforts to promote diversity and opportunity of an useful and interesting experience exchange and know-how sharing.

Michael Ato-Delaquis and  Sylvanus Wemakor from MullenLowe Ghana agreed to share their Romanian experience with AdHugger. And their answers are below:

  • AdHugger: Hello and welcome! Tell us something about you.

Sylvanus: My name is Sylvanus Wemakor from MullenLowe Ghana. I’m an art director and a sneaker freak.

Michael: Hi! My name is Michael Ato-Delaquis (Pronounced de-la-Key 🙂 I’m a lover of all forms of arts, especially film. However, I m Graphic Designer/Art Director by profession. My hobbies range from illustration, film-making and going for long city drives.

  • AdH: What is the story behind your visit in Romania?

S & M: We had the privilege of joining our Managing Director to gain some new perspectives at this year’s IAA Global Conference – Creativity for better. We further decided to expand our experience by working with our Romanian colleagues for a few weeks to exchange insights, learnings and get a new approach or viewpoint to design as well.

  • AdH: You will be here until the end of October and you are working with your colleagues from MullenLowe Romania. What is your day to day activity in the office?

Sylvanus & Michael: Our early days here started with great interactions with our Romanian colleagues. We exchanged knowledge of our industries, culture and workflow. Post interactions, we handled some interesting and creative projects we can’t tell you about right now, but we’re sure that you will soon hear about them.

  • AdH: What does this cultural exchange mean for you?

Sylvanus: Broader perspective to life in general. Also build professional relationships, learn from experienced designers and self development.

Michael: This exchange has exposed me to a different way of life. It helped me see the Romanian culture in its purest form. Within the advertising industry, it made me understand how communication and interactions are handled via visual mediums within the country.

  • AdH: What do you learn from this? And also what can we learn from you?

Michael: Back home when it comes to executing ideas or visual concepts, priority is mainly giving to the execution of the project. But over here in Romania about 75% is given to the thoughts or idea alone. In my opinion, this has proven most effective if one wants to create a visual medium that is relevant as well as remarkable. In my honest and humble opinion, I don’t think I have any extra knowledge that I can provide that is not already exhibited. However, if I‘m supposed to mentally dig deeper, I would say visuals should have a stronger infusion of the local culture within. Currently, I think it’s not noticeable based on the visuals I have seen in the company and the city.

Sylvanus: I may say research and insights are core attributes of a good idea.

  • AdH: What are the differences between ML Ghana and ML Romania?

Sylvanus: Mostly the working environment. Everyone in one big space and working teams.

Michael: The hierarchy of leadership within the creative studio. The studio is broken down in various working teams that work on varying projects. Also, the fact that extra room is devoted to the thinking process.

  • AdH: What you like and what would you change in the advertising industry now?

Sylvanus: I like the fact that the industry is always refreshing, new and creative ideas are always springing up. There’s never a dull moment.

Michael: Currently, I have no major gripe with the advertising industry. I do hope it continues to evolve as fast as the world grows. We should always be abreast with the latest technologies, skills and strategies that continue to prove our essential relevance to the globe.

  • AdH: What about Romania? Have you visited Bucharest? What did you like most?

Sylvanus & Michael: We love Romania, it is a very beautiful country! The people are very friendly and vibrant and because we almost share the same rich history and culture values, it’s easy to relate to them.