Romanian TPS Engage and US start-up omniX Labs collaborate to transform the digital outdoor advertising

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TPS Engage and omniX Labs announced a strategic partnership that will offer innovative solutions created to change the face of the digital outdoor advertising. This partnership will allow the companies to have total transparency in the outdoor campaigns’ efficiency and will improve the manner in which the advertising space is bought and used by advertisers and experimented in public, creating relevant communication opportunities.  

Now, the digital outdoor advertising is pretty hard to be administrated. The companies that use the outdoor in their communication strategy cannot follow, change in real time or measure the campaigns’ efficiency. For example, it may happen that outside is raining heavily and, instead of umbrellas, to be promoted sunglasses.

The outdoor media suppliers have a limited data accuracy. Who are the real people seeing the messages? How much of them have seen the billboard? The suppliers cannot give information related to the messages’ efficiency and the partnership TPS Engage – omniX promises to offer a solution for the efficiency of this type of promotion. Through this partnership, the companies want to transform the outdoor advertising as it follows:

  • omniX developed a machine learning technology through video feeds, capable of gathering data regarding the sex, the age, the car’s brand, the period of the day or the state of mind of the people that enter in contact with the advertising billboards.
  • TPS Engage uses data offered by omniX in order to contextualize and make advertising more relevant.

With the help of TPS Engage and the omniX’s technology, the advertisers will supply,from now, the right messages for the wanted audiences, at the right time, finding out their efficiency in real time.

TPS Engage is the perfect partner for us. It is making the outdoor advertising a democratic place. Together, omniX and TPS Engage will change the manner in which the outdoor digital advertising functions, how it’s measured and, more importantly, will offer the consumers messages tailored on their needs,” said Muthla Al Sayer, CEO and co-founder omniX Labs.

omniX is the exponent of the concepts of machine vision and learning technology. When you combine the two technologies with the power of our platform and all the data that we aggregate and analyze,the possibilities for the revolutionary solutions are unlimited,” also said Bogdan Savonea, CEO and co-founder TPS Engage.

The partnership between omniX and TPS Engage can offer the companies a new way through which the brands relate with the target audience. Until now, TPS Engage was active on the Romanian market and the future goals are represented by the markets in the Middle East and North America.