METRO Cash & Carry Romania launches the ARO campaign, signed by Geometry Romania

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METRO Cash & Carry Romania comes in the meeting of its clients’ everyday needs, with the cheapest prices, through its own range of products, under the ARO brand.

The new campaign was build to re-bring in the consumers’ attention the brand ARO, the first private label of a modern retailer, that entered in the Romanians houses and one of the most famous METRO private labels on the Romanian market. The label’s main differentiation is the large range of articles (over 1000), from different categories, both food and non-food, that address the re-selling customers and respond to all the primal needs of a household. The ARO’s consumers are pragmatic and choose the products on the quality-price optimal scale.

The strategic proposal started from the insight that most of the people tend to choose, in general, the products on the quality-price relation, having as main criteria the price. The category cheap and good represented a true challenge as the two words are antonyms in the consumer’s mind. The strategic approach highlights the fact that the trust in the quality of the ARO’s products is not build depending on the price, but of how good they fit their role.

The umbrella message of the campaign “ARO. De baza prin casa“, refers exactly to the usual consumption occasions where the functionality and the simplicity of the product are the main factors.

The message is seen in TVCs of 30 seconds and 20 seconds that bring in the scene 4 star products: the bucket, the chocolate tablet, the flour and the eggs. They are presented in an (auto)ironic manner and with a sincerity taken to the extreme, through their sensationally … normal qualities.

We are delighted to communicate the new campaign for the ARO products. We chose an unusual and funny approach that will demolish the myth according to which the simple products, the base ones, are boring and difficult to communicate in a creative manner. Therefore, we build a concept that will show how sensationally simple they look and how good they are fulfilling their role (…)

Marina Zara,

Head of Marketing METRO

The campaign, created in partnership with the agency Geometry Romania, reaches both the traditional media channels, through TV executions, radio and digital.