2Performant enters Romanian influencer marketing, invests 250,000 euro and digitalizes the industry

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2Performant, regional marketing platform with over 600 clients from CEE, launched the beta version of a new function aimed for the digital management of the influencer and content marketing campaigns.

The launch of this new function is the most important bet the company made until now, similar as scope with the migration of 2Parale’s portfolio towards 2Performant.com, in august 2016

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Performant

.2Performant intră în piața de influencer marketing cu o investiție de 250.000 de euro și digitalizează complet această industrie

The new function of 2Performant facilitates the collaboration of brands and agencies with instagrammers, bloggers, vloggers, owners of Facebook pages, websites with high number of visitors or any type of content creators. 2Performant digitalizes the contracts and automatizes the payments, eliminating bureaucracy from the business process. According to company’s representatives, the platform reduces by 99% the needed papers for collaborations within the industry, accelerates the contracting and payment process and eases the management of budgets, facilitating the reporting.


Imagine a social media agency that is running 10 campaigns with minimul 5 influencers each – that means 50 contracts with different juridical entities, printed and sent to each to be signed, 50 payments that need to be approved and operated by the financial department. Many times, all those occupy up to 20-30% of the work time of a specialist that is blocked in papers instead of doing his job and generate real value. With 2Performant, the entire process is solved in just a few clicks

Bogdan Aron,

Chief Product Officer 2Performant

After setting and running the promo campaigns, 2Performant is distributing the budget towards each influencer, with retaining and payng the due taxes for each collaboration form (physical or juridical persons). The company invested, from its own funds, a quarter of a million euro in developing the new influencer marketing service.

We allocated 65,000 euro to adapt the platform to the new collaborations models within the business, another 135,000 Euro for the actual development of the new section and 50,000 represent the initial marketing budget. The platform works now like a marketplace where brands’ and agencies’ requests are meeting directly the offers of the online stars and the contracts are closed in just few seconds.

Dorin Boerescu 

The influencers that make an account on the platform benefit of visibility towards brands and agencies, who can take their pick in terms of reach, clients influencers worked for before and traffic channels. Moreover, the agencies that make an account on the website can load directly the campaigns’ briefs, that they can then operate digitally, automatically, to ease the collaboration with the contracted influencers or to discover new people, suited to their campaign. “All with the guarantee of a platform that processed, during the last 10 years, tens of thousands of payments, millions of euros and hundreds of millions of clicks”, Boerescu added.

Among the first Romanian influencers and content creators listed on the platform are singer Andreea Balan (2.5M fans and a ratecard of Euro 1.800), Noaptea Târziu (transl. Late Night, 1.54M subscribers on YouTube and 4.500 Euro fee) and vlogger Tequila (1.4 subscribers and ratecard of 4.500 euro), but also known communication and social media specialists or known publishers from the Romanian online market.

The influencers phenomena keeps growing in Romania, as they are almost present in big brands’ campaigns. If the local market was estimated by Evensys to Euro 3M in 2017, 2Performant forecasts the budgets invested in this type of collaborations will reach Euro 10M in 2018 and over Euro 18M in 2019.

2Performant is market leader in affiliate marketing in Romania, with a portfolio of over 600 active clients. The company is developing, since 2009, a market place of digital talents, starting from an affiliation network that generated already over 3.5M online sales worth over Euro 135M. In 2018, the business turnover reaches to Euro 3M.

The company leaders are Dorin Boerescu (CEO), Bogdan Aron (CPO) and Irina Dumitrascu (CTO). 2Performant’s board includes Sergiu Neguț and Vladimir Oane.