Merger on Romanian ad market: GMP Advertising and Webstyle merge under Bogdan Nitu’s leadership

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Romanian agencies GMP Advertising and Webstyler announced their merger, with Bogdan Nitu being appointed General Manager of the newly formed entity, named GMP+Webstyler. The merger of the 2 agencies is based on a new product and a new philosophy in which brands’ communication is approached in an integrated manner.Bogdan Nitu

Truly important is the consequence of merging GMP and Webstyler, namely the product we will deliver to our clients. It is unnatural in 2018 to manage a brand on sections or separated on channels. The communication must be integrated because we are building brands and not separately TVCs or digital assets and, today, the touchpoints mix with the consumer is more and more different from a target public to another

Bogdan Nițu,

General Manager GMP+Webstyler and Founder Webstyler

The shareholders of the merged agency are Felix Tataru, Bogdan Nitu and Georgiana Cujba. Felix Tataru, founder GMP Advertising, will continue to be involved in all the strategic projects that involve consultancy as president of GMP Group, entity that also includes GMP PR, Point Public Affairs and Chapter 4 Romania.

The internal experience from IAA showed me that, in the context when everything around is transforming, communication businesses must follow the trend. Sir Martin Sorell recently said that communication industry must change radically, laterally. There is no successful international models yet, but we know we need to reinvent, to grow young in mentality and behavior, to be more agile, to look for more sense in what we are doing, same as do the people we are targeting with brands communication

Felix Tataru,

President GMP Group.

GMP and Webstyler have a lengthy collaboration and, during the last year, the teams from the two agencies mixed, creating a new, common team of 70 employees.

It is a daring move we worked towards during the best part of 2018, which gets you out from the comfort zone because you don’t know where you are getting and you don’t have written in stone promises during the merging process. But, if we want a product adapted to the following tears, we must assume that, because comfort never went hand in hand with innovation. And that is valid for all the people from the agency, reason why I want to thank to the colleagues who believe in our common vision and continue with us, but also to the new people that joined us during the last few months, giving credit to our dream. I believe the agency of the future must live in a beta version, easy to adapt and ready to integrate fast new expertise and work processes

Bogdan Nitu