Amazon, Samsung, Cristaline, Bosch, Huawei and Bose – awarded at 2nd edition of Best Brands France

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Best Brands of several European countries rewarded at awards ceremony on February 11th in Paris, according to exclusive study conducted by GfK. The 2nd French edition of Best Brands was held at the Théâtre des Sablons in Paris on February 11th.

Best Brands rewards the most successful brands in several European countries, according to an exclusive study conducted by GfK. During the ceremony the Amazon, Samsung, Cristaline, Bosch, Huawei and Bose brands were named 2019 winners in four categories, based on their scores obtained from 4,500 French consumers surveyed at the end of 2018.

Launched in Germany in 2004 by Serviceplan and GfK, Best Brands is a brand performance barometer. Best Brands measures the strength of brands each year in several European countries, based on a cross-analysis of their real economic success in their reference market, and the emotional preference of consumers. Jacques Séguéla kicked off the event which brought together more than 400 decision-makers from the world of business, marketing, communication and media at the Théâtre des Sablons in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

During the ceremony the Amazon, Samsung, Cristaline, Bosch, Huawei and Bose brands were rewarded in the following categories, followed closely by other prestigious brands.

To establish this barometer of brand performance, GfK collected at the end of 2018 the opinion of a more in depth sample than that of 2018, with 4,500 French consumers questioned on 365 brands in 27 categories of product, according to the methodology presented in the above video.

Best Corporate Brand: Amazon 

Why is Amazon leading the way? Winner for the 2nd time, Amazon increases its Best Brands score in 2019 thanks to a good performance on the experience criterion, considered strong and positive. The distributor therefore obtains French consumers a score of 53 (against an average 2019 to 31). They very much note the experience offered by Amazon, moreover on the rational criteria such as the quality of the service, the respect of the promise, as in the emotional dimensions. The American giant is clearly identified as “market leader” by consumers, who abound on the criteria of performance and reputation (reputation and positioning).

Best Product Brand: SAMSUNG  – number 1 all categories 

Samsung is once again named Best Product Brand in all product categories. Its Best Brands score is driven by strong economic performance elements, including its Cross-Selling indicator at 30% above the 2019 average. This reveals the Korean brand’s ability to convert French consumers into consumers in multiple product categories for future purchases. Samsung also presents a high ‘Share of Soul’: this component is fueled by a loyalty score almost double the 2019 average (58 versus 33). French consumers attribute a status of ‘friend to the brand’, revealing a long-term relationship of trust. The criteria of singularity (“different from others”) and innovation are also noted very positively in the study.

Cristaline: a relationship of trust 

Cristaline Water is the first consumer brand in the Best Brands 2019 ranking and 2nd in the Top 10. With a loyalty score twice above average, the brand has a good base on the economic criteria of ‘Share of Wallet’. It is also positively evaluated on the ‘Share of Soul’ criteria. French consumers give the brand high marks on the criteria of Trust, Response to Expectations and Quality. These indicators are particularly sensitive in the Agri-food universe, and are crowned with a score of 54 on the “Good Quality / Price” criterion – more than twice the average found in the Best Brands 2019 study.


The German brand Bosch is for the second time in the Top 3 Best Product Brand France, and is the 1st brand in the category Home & Garden. Bosch is particularly illustrative of the experience: French consumers very positively consider the criteria of Trust, Quality and Service. The brand is considered reliable, delivering the product promise. It is also considered a “close friend” by French consumers. This relationship, combined with a solid ‘Share of Wallet’, is illustrated by a very good cross-selling valuation (the brand’s ability to recruit and convert consumers outside of its benchmark product category).

Best Growth Brand : Huawei 

Huawei is the 2019 winner for the progression of its Best Brand score between the 2018 and 2019 editions. The Chinese telecoms player sees its good performance on the criteria of ‘Share of Wallet’ confirmed by a positive memory imprint, and especially higher than the 2019 average. This is partly revealed by a high level of satisfaction among French consumers. They attribute positive ratings in Innovation (+ 32% compared to the average), Design (+ 24%) and its positioning in the trends of the period (“Fashion” + 35%). Huawei is entering the consumer landscape and can now count on an acquired community, with a Loyalty score well above the 2019 average.

Best Golden Age Brand: Bose  

Bose is the brand with the Best Brands Best ‘Golden Age’ score: consumers aged 50 and over, which the Best Brands study is focusing on this year. This population now represents more than 25 million consumers in France and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Far from clichés, the Golden Age are mostly active and have 2/3 of monthly income over 3000 €. They have a relationship with brands supported by values of Protection, Simplicity and Freedom, including a particular expectation on the criteria of quality / price, eco-responsibility and transparency on manufacturing processes.

Bose is therefore very positively perceived by the Golden Age in France. They even give the brand double marks compared to the average Best brands 2019 on the criteria of Quality, Innovation and Trust. Bose is thus in sync with Golden Age values and their expectations of brands. The brand is also distinguished by its Loyalty score (74 against an average of 33), ranking it even No. 1 across all categories on this criterion among French 50 and over. A criterion that is all the more interesting as the brand shows a significant potential inCross-selling.