Friends\TBWA Bucharest to handle strategy and creative for PepsiCo’s Lay’s, Doritos, Star & Krax 

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Friends\TBWA Bucharest will handle the strategy and creative for PepsiCo’s Lay’s, Doritos, Star and Krax in Romania. The agency will sign some of the digital campaigns for the first 2 brands and the integrated ones for the last 2.

PepsiCo designated Friends\TBWA Bucharest to handle the 4 brands after a competitive pitch. The agency will also have to deal with the challenge of handling the communication with the digital natives, on a market segment extremely crowded both as marketing messages and business competition.

We followed the evolution of the campaigns made by Friends\TBWA, we knew about their disruption based work philosophy and I was pleasantly surprised to discover they have an integrated cross-media vision in which digital communication is the core. I was happy to see the strategic approach they proposed is centered on authenticity and intimacy of micro-communities, one of the strategic lines we were also aiming for in 2019

Vlad Vladescu,

Digital Manager Snacks, PepsiCo

I am convinced that, together with Friends\TBWA, we will continue to offer to our consumers experiences accompanied by a fresh communication. The agency built the winning proposal starting from real insights, transformed in creative ideas and articulated in an ambitious and challenging brand strategy and, in the same time, close to the reality of our target public

Gabriela Ionescu,

Group Brand Manager Lay’s and Doritos

Food market is a very competitive one and, in order to reach with customized messages in our consumers’ attention, we need an agile, creative partner, which is up to speed with market’s trends. We aren’t talking about communicating only on a certain media channel (Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat etc), but about a mix dedicated to each consumers’ audience. Friends\TBWA is building, with us, creative and relevant concepts for each particular brand, answering the challenges we launched for the current year

Corina Ilie,

Senior Brand Manager Star andKrax.

 We liked the brief, we loved the people we met and we liked the mission to look at the world from another angle, of a young and bold target. A mission we felt we fulfilled with success during the pitch, when we discovered we are on the same wave-length with the newest friends of Friends\TBWA, the people from PepsiCo. We already started to make a good team together in 2019 and we started a collaboration that will keep us on our toes and that we will get to enjoy more and more

Ioana Teodorescu,

Client Service Director Friends\TBWA\Bucharest.

The teams working on the account include:

PepsiCo: Iulia Dobre – Marketing Manager Snacks, Gabriela Ionescu – Group Brand Manger Lay’s & Doritos, Mircea Ciobotaru – Brand Manager Lay’s & Doritos, Oana Loredana Paraschiv – Brand Manager Lay’s, Alexandra Constantin – Junior Brand Manger Lay’s & Doritos, Irina Stăniguț – Marketing Trainee, Corina Ilie – Senior Brand Manager Star & Krax, Laura Rizea – Brand Manager Star & Krax, Alexandra Bălăceanu – Junior Brand Manager Star & Krax, Vlad Vlădescu – Digital Manager, Crina Stoian – Junior Digital Specialist and Nadia Nofal – Digital Trainee

Friends\TBWA\Bucharest:  Alecsandra Apostolescu – Strategic Planner, Dan Șendroiu – Head of Strategy, Andreea Popa – Group Creative Director, Vladimir Popici – Art Director, Andreea Golban – Group Creative Director, Fesus Barna – Art Director, Teodor Chiripuci – Copywriter, Theodor Nistor – Jr. Art Director, Ciprian Odobescu – Jr. Art Director, Bianca Solymosi – Jr. Art Director, Eugen Suman – Executive Creative Director, Oana Andrei – Account Director, Florina Tudorache – Account Manager, Marina Pîrvan – Account Executive, Ioana Teodorescu – Client Service Director, Dan Mareș – Social Media Manager, Ada Niculescu – Jr. Social Media, Andrei Grosu – Digital Designer and Anda Andrei – Head of Digital