Spring IT – a SiSC Bucharest project – prepares for its 8th edition

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Students’ Union from Romanian Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics (SiSC, part of Romanian Academy for Economic Studies – ASE) annonces the 8th edition of its Spring IT project. SiSC, the oldest students’ organization of the mentioned academy, is proud to have over 200 projects finalized with success and which influenced in a positive manner the personal and professional development of the students.

Spring IT returns in the attention of the Romanian students with passion for IT and offers them the possibility to interact with representatives of the partner companies. The event facilitates the communication between students and employers, offering access to a large range of information and new tech from the work market.

This year’s edition takes place on March 4-8, at Ambasador Hotel in Bucharest and in room 2013 in Virgil Madgearu building of ASE. The main partner of the event is Metro Systems.

During the opening conference, students have the opportunity to find out more about companies such are HTSS, Microsoft, Accenture, ING, EY, American Greetings, Hewlett Packard, KPMG, Sustainalytics, Play Solutions, TotalSoft, which will offer details on the employment options and companies’ demands.

In the same time, students interested in the event have the opportunity to attend workshops where known IT companies will approach a series of subject, including softskills concepts. Those interested can fill in an online form to attend the event and submit their CV in order to reach the invited companies