The world’s most advanced robot will be present at Bucharest Tech Week 2019


The forth edition of Bucharest Tech Week brings in the business professionals’ attention the newest trends in technology, shared by over 30 international experts. One of this edition’s stars will be Furhat, a robot with AI, social abilities and the capacity of interacting with people in an empathetic manner: talking,listening, expressing emotions and maintaining visual contact. Created by the Furhat Robotics laboratories, this special guest at Bucharest Tech Week 2019 has a multiple applicability: it can be trainer for employees or it can meet tourists in transit points (airports, stations, hotels) by offering precise pieces of information and orientation by following the desired path.

On 21 and 22 May, at Bucharest Tech Week, Furhat will interact iwth the participants at the first two business conferences of the technology week at Radisson Blu Hotel:

  • At Innovation Summit, 21st May, there will be a debate about the future of social robots and how the platform Furhat Robotics redefines the humans’ relating to technology.
  • At HR Masters Summit, 22nd May, the discussion topic is the objective recruiting (Unbiased Recruitment), Furhat Robotics developing a robot that succeeds in remaining impartial in the situations of interviewing people from different cultures than the one of the employer.

We are delighted to join Bucharest Tech Week 2019. Such a fast and diverse technology festival is the place in which Furhat fits perfectly, alongside professionals passionate by technology. Furhat is the proof that the social robots are not only a projection for the future, but an already concrete reality that is more and more spread, perfecting constantly the technologies, therefore becoming to be used in more and more diverse fields of activity. We are looking forward to share the vision with the people passionate by innovative technologies, at the festival. See you there!” said Furhat Robotics Labs’ representatives from Stockholm.

This edition of Bucharest Tech Week reunites international experts from companies such as Agenția Spațială Europeană (ESA), Google, Microsoft, Spotify, or LinkedIn. More than 45 international and local speakers will talk on fields such as: Innovation, HR, FinTech, Java and .NET.

Some of the international speakers are:

  • Frank M. Salzgeber – ESA, Cliff Redeker –Google, Lea Sandell – LEGO Group, Dmitri Pivovarov – Bolt, Rakhi Rajani – McKinsey&Co (Innovation Summit) ;
  • Amina Zamani – LinkedIn, Burak Bakkaloglu – Ericsson, Johan Sellgren – Spotify, Andrew Mellen – Productivity Expert, Dr. Nick van Dam – IE University (HR Masters Summit);
  • Anna Maj – PwC, Dharmesh Mistry – Temenos, Eddy Travia – Consilium, Andy Bryant – bitFlyer, Dan Morgan – Ripple, Che Sidanius – Refinitiv, Martin Koderisch – Edgar, Dunn&Co (Fintech Summit);
  • Reza Rahman – Microsoft, Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz – JavaSpecialists.EU, Jens Schauder – Pivotal, Roberto Cortez – Java Champion, Mert Çalışkan – Opsgenie Champion (Java Summit);
  • Dmitry Soshnikov – Microsoft, Gunnar Peipman – Microsoft MVP, Roberto Freato – Microsoft MVP (.NET Summit);