Kaufland Romania and GTC Motorsport organized again the Off-Road Easter Humanitarian caravan


Each year on the holidays people take their time and become more generous, more involved and more empathetic with the ones less fortunate than us. It’s the case of GTC Motorsport’s members that, alongside Kaufland Romania, made a tradition of going on isolated and hard accessible places in the Nehoiu Mountains,in order to offer presents to the poor families. Just the way it happened last year, at the Christmas Offroad Humanitary edition, 120 volunteers offered to help and shared 400 gifts: 11 tons of products (cloths, hygiene products, supplies for children, sweets and toys, that brought happiness to the children’s heart, most of them awarded at school and with big plans of becoming someone in life.

Leading the “Off-Road Easter Humanitarian” caravan reunited 50 4X4 monsters that entered on April 20 and 21 in very hard accessible places and reached 400 households in Buzau county, alongside Katharina Scheidereiter (Kaufland Romania) and Razvan Cirap (GTC Motorsport).

Born and educated in Germany, but irremediably in loved with Romania. Katharina moved in our country some years ago, organizing several charitable campaigns. Starting Friday, April 19th, she motivated her colleagues and collaborators in order to pack the food and the presents necessary for the leaving in the first hours of the following days.

Just the way we have been doing for years already, during holidays time we are thinking of the ones we need us the most: the disadvantaged families in the hard accessible places in Romania. We are happy that we can be again there for these people, and together with our partners from GTC Motorsport, we are bringing hope in their soul. We formed again a big team of volunteers, people with big hearts, and we started the road towards the isolated villages in the mountains, full of presents. We delivered happiness and the smile on children’s faces, the support offered by the families found in need and the alone old people is our biggest happiness,” said Katharina Scheidereiter, CSR Manager at Kaufland Romania.

This is the 13th event in the series of social initiatives, becoming already tradition for the GTC Motorsport club and the fifth partnership with Kaufland Romania. The cases are identified with the helpof the social assistance services in the county and through the profile associations in the area.

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