Futura DDB and JB Restaurant created a book to judge by the cover

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Futura DDB and JB Restaurant created a book that truly captures the authentic spirit of the restaurant. Its pages present thoughtfully chosen suppliers of ingredients and the chef´s most valuable recipes. What makes this book stand out are its covers. Chef Janez Bratovz personally created each and every cover in the way that he would normally create his plates.

The process: Chef Janez Bratovz decorated the books with natural dyes. He also used actual cooking utensils that are used in the kitchen and created a one-of-a-kind illustration that expresses his everyday creativity and represents his authentic plates on each cover.

The book: The chef puts nature in the center of his culinary creations and wanted to do the same with his book. For instance, the photographs of the suppliers and of the plates were made using natural light only.

Every chef has his own distinct plates. I decided that I would put mine on the cover of the JB Restaurant book. This is how each and every book of this limited edition demonstrates the distinctive personal touch of my signature plates.

Janez Bratovz,

head chef and owner of JB Restaurant

JB Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant and a S.Pellegrino’s Top 100 World’s Best Restaurant. Situated in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia, it is the best culinary experience in this region and a real treat for the sophisticated palate. He creates with a mission to bring a personal touch to every plate.

Futura DDB is one of the leading Slovenian agencies for integrated communication solutions. The company was founded in 1986 as a design studio that in 1989 became a full service agency. Futura Group was formed throughout the two decades.