Splash Worldwide Launches NEON Consulting

Business, Digital & Media

Splash Worldwide announced the launch of NEON Consulting, a specialist Marketing Technology consultancy. NEON will advise clients on the implementation, optimisation and effectiveness of their investment in marketing technology. As one of the world’s leading creative technology companies, Splash Worldwide already provides brands with a global platform and creative production services to help manage and optimize the delivery of content as part of global marketing activation.

NEON Consulting will be led by Sam Yates, a marketing technology consultant with 20 years’ experience delivering solutions for brands and businesses throughout the world. “Under-utilization and complexity are just two of the many reasons why marketing technology investments can go fallow, and still, the opportunities for effectiveness and efficiency have never been greater,” began Yates, who helped launch Team 6ix in 2015 (and will remain a strategic partner), and also spent over 10 years as a Project Director for Tag Worldwide. “With brands needing to deliver better communications faster, we have the proven ability to help them make the best decisions and unlock their platform’s full potential.”

Leveraging decades of experience in assessing and implementing marketing and advertising technologies, NEON Consulting’s product and service offerings will focus on four areas crucial to clients: strategic services; procuring marketing technology; implementing technology and on-boarding within organizations; and providing a managed service for clients.

“Technology may only be one piece of the puzzle in terms of marketing campaign optimization and distribution, but its importance cannot be overstated,” Splash Worldwide CEO Paul Stonebridge explained. “Sam has led us and many of our clients to greater understanding of the means for leveraging the full potential of various systems, resulting in making campaigns smarter and faster than ever before. Bringing these capabilities to market for our clients is a great honor.”

Yates’ enthusiasm for providing expert advice often in challenging scenarios is contagious. “Sometimes, genuinely independent advice is all that’s needed to make seemingly complicated technology investments pay off,” he added. “In short, these are challenging but immensely important areas of business, and we are deeply passionate about making massive impacts for our clients.”

NEON Consulting is Splash Worldwide’s independent strategic enterprise specializing in helping the world’s biggest brands maximize their technology investments supporting marketing campaign optimisation, localization and distribution. Established in London in 2019, the consultancy diligently supports Splash Worldwide’s mission of unleashing creativity for everyone, everywhere.

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