Marks signs PiatraOnline’s communication campaign for the gift-cards


In the era of sharing and online retailers that bring you to the doors everything you want and don’t want, how can you make from a present a mega surprise? Especially when the occasion is a party for a new or renovated house. PiatraOnline told the agency Marks about its gift-cards and wanted to share the good piece of news with as many architecture and design passionate people. From there, it was Mark’s job.

Either it’s about the best friend, about a partner or about someone that you truly know, the gift that you are offering says something about you and the person receiving it, at the same time. Therefore, PiatraOnline decided to offer further what its representatives would want to receive as well. And here it rose a question: what exactly to offer? With a collection of over 1500 products of natural wood, the answer was: unlimited possibilities. Each space holds the personality and the passion of the one that lives there. And now, the dear ones can express themselves as they wish. The gift-cards fulfill desires.

Therefore, the agency’s solution was to bring the good news in social media, in the soul of the e-commerce. As Facebook and Instagram are coming in your meeting, in posts and stories, when you await for inspiration for the ideal gift. Each card can be charged with an amount from RON 500 to 2.000 and can be used in buying online any product on the online shops’ shelves.

The visual identity follows the texts #eyecandy created by the nature. For the parents that are redecorating the kitchen or for the friend that is always on Pinterest, for the just married couple or from the simple impulse of making someone happy. The cards can be ordered online and will arrive at your door.

The launch of the cards represents for us the opportunity of saying goodbye to the awkward moments created by the wrong gifts. From now, we are saying welcome to the inspiration on each anniversary. When you want to contribute to your loved one arranging project, the most beautiful (and useful) gift is the freedom of choosing. And the choice is online, you just made someone’s day,” said Sabina Stanciucu, Senior Copywriter Marks.

To offer the right gift for the recipient’s desires can be a challenge, especially when in the field of fitting out. We came in the meeting of those needs and we launched a way through which to offer a meaningful gift, contributing to a loved one dream,” said Mariana Bradescu-Constantinescu, Managing Partner PiatraOnline.

The Marks team:

Mia Munteanu, Client Service Director

Irina Costea, Account Executive

Sabina Stanciucu, Senior Copywriter

Irina Radu, Junior Copywriter

Maria Stefanita, Senior Art Director

Anca Mihalache, Executive Art Director

PiatraOnline team:

Mariana Bradescu-Constantinescu, Managing Partner

Sergiu Constantinescu-Bradescu, Managing Partner

Irina Parfichi, Project Manager