Rebels and Rulers conference to take place October 17-18th 2019 in Bucharest

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International journal Brandingmag returns to Romania with the second edition of its conference: REBELS AND RULERS – The Global Forum for Open Branding. 20 international experts are coming to Bucharest on October 17-18, 2019, for two days of intensive know-how on placing branding in its rightful place: at the core of business strategy. Last year’s speakers compare the event’s impact on branding and Eastern Europe to the relevance and potential that the prestigious Cannes Lions festival has for advertising and the creative industry.

As technology constantly evolves, marketing is being spread across more and more channels. Managers and creatives face the difficult task of keeping up with these changes without diluting their company’s essence. The solution? Building a strong brand foundation and integrating it consistently across the business. With this solid core, companies are able to maintain their relevance while simultaneously maximizing the impact of each communication medium they utilize; they are able to adopt and adapt to digital transformation at the same rapid pace at which it appears; and they are able to cope with any and all subsequent HR changes – from maintaining team cohesion to ensuring that brand parameters are respected by external collaborators.

Last year, the speakers at REBELS AND RULERS revealed that branding is bigger than design, bigger than a logo, bigger than advertising. They unveiled the versatility and applicability of branding’s teachings to personal development, community building, corporate organization, and even a nation’s presence on the global stage. This year, the conference is taking a natural step forward by evolving the conversation towards brand culture, tapping into the growth of a person’s, company’s, community’s, or country’s essence both internally and externally. With “Brand Culture Inside and Out” as its central theme, REBELS AND RULERS will answer questions such as: How can brands see and foresee cultural changes as they evolve? Which tactics have proven most effective in communicating value and authenticity at a sustainable pace? And how can leaders establish a creative company culture (both internally and externally) while still focusing on technological adoption and efficiency?

These are just a few of the challenges that will be addressed by the 20 experts from world-renowned companies and agencies coming to Bucharest on October 17 and 18, 2019. During 2 days of conference and workshops, they will share their practical solutions, do’s and don’ts, and most effective ways of building strong brands with both start-ups and established industry players in the audience.

Last year’s edition exceeded everyone’s expectations. Speakers proclaimed that “REBELS AND RULERS has the potential of becoming the Cannes Lions of Eastern Europe,” while attendees said that they’d never left a conference with so many notes that they later applied to their organizations. This year, the event anticipates over 900 participants, managers, entrepreneurs, creatives, marketing specialists, and HR experts – all of whom are directly affected by the strength of the brands that they work with.

Early Bird tickets are available on until the end of May.