Superbrands Romania 2019: 2 Romanian brands took the lead in the top

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BDR Associates announced the first results of Superbrands România 2019, after the judging process insured by 27 experts in representative domains and a market research made together with Ipsos. The analysis of the results and research shows that 49% of the brands eligible to receive Superbrands status in Romania are coming from FMCG sector (personal care, sweets and snacks, milk, dairy products and ice-cream, home care products and beer). The services industry represints 13% and non-food retail – 11%.

The results of the judging and research generated a top 15 Superbrands with best scores. In this top, Romanian company Fan Courier ranks first, followed by Dedeman (up 7 positions since previous edition of Superbrands). It is the first time in the over 12 years of Superbrands history in Romania when 2 local brands, created by Romanian entrepreneurs, become leaders of an edition. The top is completed by Visa, Mastercard, Netflix,, Ariel, eMag, Ikea, KFC, Borsec, Yves Rocher, Decathlon, Mercedes-Benz, Strongbow.

The results of the current edition consolidates some trends from previous years and mark a new stage for innovative categories.

If, in 2015, FMCG food and non-food was the majority – 7 brands out of 15 – , in 2017 and 2019, the number of those brands shrunk to less then half. In the current edition, those who remain among top 15 are Ariel, Borsec and Strongbow, while new categories appear in consumers preferences. It is a sign of sophistication in public’s preferences and it shows that the level of consumption reached to a superior stage, once Romanians’ lifestyle diversified.

3 brands in top 15 are mainly or exclusively run their business via online platforms: Netflix, and eMag. Moreover, the element uniting most brands awarded during this edition is the eCommerce.  4 Romanian brands – FAN Courier, Dedeman, eMag and Borsec – are catching the attention given by consumers to local services and products.