Fuzz Wax Bar honors Queen Victoria’s birthday with stiff upper lip waxes

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In Canada, the “Victoria Day” long weekend is the unofficial start of summer. To celebrate this (and the Queen’s birthday) Fuzz Wax Bar launched a very British promotion with complimentary ‘stiff upper lip’ waxes.

The British are renowned for their poise and aloofness. As the saying goes, they keep a stiff upper lip. Posters of Queen Victoria with a strategically placed tear-away “waxing” strip appeared in the vicinity of Fuzz Wax Bar’s ideal location for this offer—Queen Street in Toronto.

Fuzz Wax Bar invited consumers to announce the code word, “Yasqueen”, to redeem the service and make their lip shine.

“Once the nice weather starts, clients are often reminded of waxing as they prep to show some skin,” says Fuzz co-founder Jessie Frampton, “and this promotion helps us introduce our membership services to new customers so they can make waxing part of their year-round routine.”

Toronto-based agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo, created the promotion. In addition to the tear-away posters, the campaign elements included targeted Instagram Stories and Facebook posts.

“Queen Victoria seems like the unlikeliest spokesperson for waxing, but there’s stopping power in seeing her with a wax strip on that stiff upper lip,” says Susie Lee, Creative Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo.

For anyone looking for a smoother stiff upper lip, the ‘Queen Victoria’ wax was available until May 26th only at Fuzz Wax Bar’s Queen St. location. The growing chain has 7 locations in Toronto, one in Montreal, and two that are opening up this summer.


Client: Fuzz Wax Bar

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

  • Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
  • Creative Director: Jonathan Smith, Susie Lee
  • Art Director: Michael Romaniuk
  • Writer: Patrick Godin
  • Strategist: Heather Segal
  • Clients: Jessie Frampton, Florence Gaven Rossavik, Megan Savage
  • Studio Artist: Anna Harju, Andrew Martin
  • Agency Producer: Teresa Bayley
  • Account Team: Nadine Arsenault, Skye Gandy
  • Photographer: Sarah Azzam