Rosapark and Perrier, in global campaign with Mona Lisa

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With more than 20,000 daily visitors, Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda), is the most visited painting in the world. And for the first time, 500 years since the death of her creator, Leonardo da Vinci, she has decided to get out of her frame… in the newest global brand campaign of Perrier, created with Rosapark agency.

The extraordinary combination between gas and natural mineral water defines the uniqueness of Perrier water. It awakens our eccentricity, our desire to share and create.

Strong bubbles of Perrier water quench our thirst and encourage us all to dare, laugh, dance and create. It’s only once we feel free to do as we please that we can sparkle and inspire the world.

Perrier has often been associated with icons (artists like Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Jean-Paul Goude, Ridley Scott, Raymond Savignac or characters like Captain Haddock or E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) and has always invested in bold communications, very cinematographic and have even become pieces of pop culture in its native country, France.

Today, the vision of Perrier is summed up by its brand signature “Go For The Extraordinaire” decides once again to awake an iconic figure: Mona Lisa. Trapped in a frame for over 500 years, the model of the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting can finally escape and spread her extraordinaire on the world thanks to a forgotten Perrier bottle in front of her frame.

The Extraordinaire Mona Lisa by Perrier was directed by Manu Cossu (who already directed Hot Air Balloons (with Fleur Fortuné) – the launch campaign of the “Extraordinaire Perrier” brand platform in 2015 – and also directed Dior Miss Dior and Adidas Original Is Never Finished). The film reveals a previously unseen Mona bottle of Perrier sitting in front of her frame, she grabs its edges and climbs out. Her eyes fixed on the bottle, she nears it, then grabs it up and drinks it, carefree. Invigorated, she’s finally ready to face the 21st century. With innocence, excitement and enthusiasm, Mona Lisa dances, shares and enchants in all her encounters, powered by her energy. Magnetic, she steps out, ready to tame this wild world around her with a mix of boldness and lightness. All Mona Lisa needed in order to jump into this world so unknown to her was a little push: a few sips of Perrier, and her extraordinary emerged.

“The Extraordinaire Mona Lisa” by Perrier is a positive shot of energy, thanks to the Duke Ellington’s mythical track “Caravan”.

By its communication and products innovation, Perrier wants to surprise its buyers and a younger target audience by a real piece of entertainment that reconnects the brand with its pop culture DNA. Another challenge for the brand is to seduce the carbonated soft drinks defectors by offering healthier alternatives (with Perrier plain, Perrier & juice and Perrier Flavored).

The campaign is visible on TV, Digital and Social Media, with formats adapted to each media. The master-brand film will be accompanied by 15’’ formats focused on the range of Perrier water products. Lastly, prints will reinforce this new vision of Mona Lisa by Perrier, shot by the up-and-coming photographer Charlotte Rutherford.

Like in the different films, Perrier revisits and modernizes the well-known icon and plunges us into the marvelous universe of its product ranges, giving Mona Lisa a never seen before modern image. The pictorial print campaign reconnects Perrier with its iconic artistic collaborations from the past.


“The Extraordinaire Mona Lisa” by Perrier

Advertiser : PERRIER ®

Advertiser team : Henrik Gotterbarm, Sophie Dubois, Thomas Ludsteck, Philippe Gallard, Marion Taisne, Émilie Grandin, Paul Cordina, Océane Mellano


  • Agency Co-founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco
  • Copywriters : Julien Moulin, Pierre-Antoine Dupin
  • Art Directors : Antoine Blondet, Frederic Leclerc, Sophian Bouadjera
  • General manager and Head of strategy : Sacha Lacroix
  • Group account Director : Virginie Matias
  • Account manager : Charlotte Permasse
  • Development team : Laurène Chabrol, Victor Faubert
  • Strategic planner : Alexandre Ribichesu
  • Head of Digital : Jeanne Neuschwander
  • Agency Producer : Thomas Laurent
  • Art buyer : Louise Bertin
  • Print Production : Justine Dudognon, Delphine Cotellon
  • Public Relations : Mélanie Colléou

Production consulting : PRECIOUS

  • Charlotte Delord, Géraldine Lamamy

Production : ICONOCLAST

  • Director : Manu Cossu
  • Producer : Jean Duhamel
  • Line Producer : Annabel Rosier
  • First Assistant Director : Frederic Monnet
  • DOP : Mathias Boucard
  • Set designer : Arno Roth
  • Stylist : Laura Tunon Mendez
  • Executive Producer : Nick Page

Post-Production : MACHINE MOLLE

  • Post-producer : Cyril Bordesoulle, Marine Ligouzat
  • Editor : Nicolas Larouquère & Philippe Roch
  • Grading : Mathieu Caplanne

Sound Production : SCHMOOZE

  • Sound Producer : Matthieu Sibony, Grégoire Galian
  • Sound Engineer : Sylvain Rety
  • Music Introduction : Sanjiv Sen