How To Win An Effie – Ioana Munteanu (GMP+Webstyler)


After last year’s successful series “How To Win An Effie“, we decided it’s time to continue it this year as well, bringing you even more info on how to prepare for the most famous international competition celebrating efficiency.

Today, we present you Ioana Munteanu, Creative Director GMP  +Webstyler, and part of the Effie 2019’s Jury. What are the most important to dos when being part of the Effie Jury?

Being positive. Having your own opinion. Keeping it unchanged for 15 minutes.

Ask questions whenever in doubt, but don’t ask questions to cause doubts in others. It’s the purpose of the question that makes the difference.

Don’t search for the faults in a case. It always will be someone else in the room to do it.  Effie judge room it’s your chance to be the good guy. How has your professional experience and judging in other festivals’ experience helped you?

Campaigns awarded in a creative festival, are also awarded at Effie. Exceptions might happen, but it’s proved that great ideas have impact in people’s life and in client’s business.

What it’ s different about Effie though, is that you debate at the same table with clients, strategists, media or research specialists. You hear such different perspectives over a campaign. Some naïve, some well argued, but altogether they push you out of your “being a creative” comfort zone. I really enjoyed this  “exchanging lenses” exercise. What are the main Dont’s?

When you dislike something try not to dislike everything. That’s why there are 4 grades you have to give, so keeping your objectivity till the end, is important.

Zoom out and don’t over analyze. Try to understand and value what worked in the campaign. What surprised you. Advertising today is about emotions, education, values that bring results. How should one prepare for the judging days?

Ha! I don’t think you need a special preparation for this. You shouldn’t be someone else than you were a day before when you discussed with your colleagues the campaign you judge today. What piece of advice would you give to somebody judging for the first time at the Effies?

To first write the grades on a piece of paper than on the paper. What would you say that are the main ingredients of winning an Effie trophy?

Look for unexpected ways to reach results in business.

Then, honesty. Don’t lie in a case, because it annoys everyone. The jurors, God, everyone. How important is the way you write your study case?

The case is the campaign of your campaign. So yes, you should give the same importance to the clarity and simplicity of your message in a case , as we do when you post the campaign on a billboard.

The best cases were also the ones I read the fastest. They were simple and easy to understand.

*Tip. Linking the results with the initial campaign’s objectives in a table, helps jurors not to go back 6 pages. They will be grateful to you. Have you seen good campaigns that failed to win due to a bad case study writing? Why?

I haven’t seen poor campaigns with an amazing case.

Also, good campaigns don’t just happen. They have a strong team behind, usually involved in writing the cases, too. Mistakes can occur, though. But not to the extent of failing to win in all categories.