Dragos Bucurenci, appointed Communication Director at Philip Morris Romania

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Starting July 1st, Dragos Bucurenci joins the management team of Philip Morris Romania (PMI) as Communication Director. From this position, he will handle company’s communication with the external public, consumers and media. The appointment follows a global reorganization, through which the new communication function was introduced, supplementing the already existing structure.

Dragos Bucurenci, Communication Director Philip Morris Romania
Dragos Bucurenci, Communication Director Philip Morris Romania

I never imagined that I would ever work for a company part of the tobacco industry, but then again, I never imagined a company like Philip Morris will have the courage to bet on a future without smoke, in which cigarettes will be replaced with products less damaging for adult smokers. I was close to the IQOS project even since the start of its launch in Romania, as communication consultant, and I believe Romania, which was the 4th country where this product was launched, has the chance to be in the epicenter of a global revolution. When Philip Morris Romania proposed to me to switch the consultant role with the communication director one, I pondered that for a long time and I decided, finally, to accept it, because I like challenges and because I really do believe in a future without smoke. I believe that, together, we can help the Romanian society to understand and accept this truly revolutionary concept

Dragos Bucurenci

Bucurenci is a communication consultant and trainer, civic activist and TV personality. He graduated an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business, he has an NLP Coach certification from  Academy of Coaching and NLP and is authorized trainer for Process Communication Model® in Romania. Dragos trained over 2,000 managers in public speaking, storytelling and interpersonal communication through his company, Khastalia. He founded the School of Communication, he was communication adviser for the European commissioner for Regional Policies, he built the environmental NGOs Salvati Delta (Save Delta) and MaiMultVerde (MoreGreen), and, during the last few years, in the same time with handling Khastalia, he managed the development department from Hope and Homes for Children foundation. In present, he withdrew from all other projects, to dedicate to his activity at Philip Morris International.

We are decided to replace cigarettes with no smoke alternatives, that combine advanced tech with solid scientific validations. We need people to continue communicating these efforts outside Philip Morris. I trust in Dragos Bucurenci’s experience in order to consolidate the communication efforts we underwent until now. The communication effort towards external public managed by Dragoș, together with the activity of the Corporate Affairs team handled by Alexandra Olaru, who will continue to collaborate with the authorities in a constructive and transparent way, for a equitable and predictable fiscal and regulatory environment and will consolidate the innovative approach of the company on the Romanian market,  these are essential to transform our company and the tobacco industry

Branislav Bibic,

General Manager Philip Morris Romania