Simina Lambrino is the new Client Service Director of FCB Bucharest

Business, Creativity, People

Simina takes over as Client Service Director at FCB Bucharest, bringing to the team 11 years of experience in advertising. She coordinated projects from different areas, starting from ATL to events or brand activations, digital or PR. She took a break from the advertising world for 2 years, when she decided she wanted to experience what it’s like to work for a start-up, taking over the role of New Business Developer.

Simina’s history with FCB is a long one, more exactly 6 years, during which she successfully wore the title of Group Account Director and coordinated a team of 10 people. She managed both local and international accounts, like JTI Romania and Poland, Bucovina, Tympark Maspex, Philips or Baneasa Shopping City.

I already have a decade of experience in the advertising world, most of it gained at FCB. In the last two years I wanted to experiece something else, it was a personal curiosity. So I’ve spent this years in the start-up world, where I wanted to see how Agile and Design Thinking work, how Product Development is done and how different the tech industry is.   

When you spend so many years working for the same advertising agency, you gain a lot of connections and tight friendships, which go beyond work. And this was for sure a plus when Soso, now GM at FCB, asked me to come back and take over the CS department. I was for sure missing the people here and the ties you create with one another when working in such a friendly environment. And the team I’m currently a part of, together with Soso, Sonia Panait, Gologan and Alina Stefan, makes me proud of my decision to return to the industry.

In the future, I plan on consolidation the CS department, so that we can answer to any challenge at any time. We expect the end of this year to be a very interesting one, we won new accounts, there’s a fresh vibe coming from the creative department. All in all, things are going in a good direction. It’s also my ambition to introduce new working methodologies, from Agile to Design Thinking. There is always room for more efficiency and dynamism and that’s exactly what I aim for

Simina Lambrino

Client Service Director FCB Bucharest