Romania: Propaganda signed the newest image campaign for Peroni Nastro Azzurro

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Propaganda signs the newest image campaign developed in Romania for the Italian beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Running under the tagline #MomenteDeRespiro Peroni (Peroni Respiro Moments), the new campaign marks an important change of „tone of voice” and approach of the brand, with the attention moving from the exclusive lifestyle to the joy of the moments of the daily life, adopting the relaxed and detached Italian lifestyle.

In an agitated world, where the pressure is to do everything both at work and in the personal life, people need a break to enjoy life and to live more often, and with a relaxed attitude, the present moment.

The campaign preserves the Italian flavor and the seduction of a brand talking about unforgettable moments always spent in the company of a special beer, offering in the same time a new perspective over the well-known “Peroni Nastro Azzurro moments”, simplified, modern and translated to the essence in order to resonate both with the young ones, but also with the mature ones, eager for relaxed experiences.

From winning the pitch, between#bluetiful and #respiro, there were 3 months of in depth exploration when we made sure we come up with a relevant company for the Romanian consumer. In the end, we managed to fill in all in 30 seconds of brand new Peroni, without luxury cars or yachts. We took a respiro moments with bycycles, sea, hammocs and Neversea. May the consumer judge us all

Catalin Manciuc,

Group Creative Director Propaganda

The challenge we launched to the agencies was substantial, reason why the selection process lasted several months. We wished for an evolution, not a revolution, and the fact we are talking about an international brand with notoriety made us establish the bar very high. The fantastic team from Propaganda was the one to find, in the end, the perfect balance and inspired us trust so we chose them as partners in this project. Afterwards, the results confirmed we made the correct choice

Bogdan Jianu,

Brand Manager Peroni 


Propaganda: Mihai Coliban – Creative Director; Catalin Manciuc – Group Creative Director; Alex Macsoda – Art Director; Bogdan Ionita – Head of Strategy; Andreea Sandu – Director of Operations; Oana Preda – Account Director; Bianca Voicu – Account Executive.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro: Marek Dvořák (VP Marketing), Cristiana Vaideanu (Global Brands Director), Bogdan Jianu (Brand Manager), Alexandra Burdulea (Brand Manager).