Serviceplan Group wins global Vorwerk account

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 Following an extensive pitch, Vorwerk Group has selected the integrated range of services offered by Serviceplan Group, which presented the client Vorwerk with a comprehensive proposal for the implementation of a new brand strategy. The proposal is executed by teams of Serviceplan and Plan.Net agency specialists in design, brand communication, digital and UX, as well as by specialists in consulting and governance. Management and support will be provided by the global Key Account Management team in close cooperation with lead agency Serviceplan Campaign. The collaboration will focus on translating the corporation’s newly developed brand strategy into communications measures.

The Serviceplan Group has made effective use of its globally integrated positioning to assume responsibility for the brand strategy of Vorwerk. Serviceplan Campaign in Munich, with its Managing Directors Christian Sommer, Markus Koch and Ben Hug, is acting as lead agency. The management of the account is in the hands of the international Key Account Management team established in summer 2018, under the leadership of Serviceplan Managing Partner Vincent Schmidlin and with Global Key Accounts Business Director Diane Schulz as Vorwerk’s contact partner

The Serviceplan Group’s specific objective is to develop the corporation’s new brand strategy and to translate it into communication measures across all touchpoints, both internally and externally. In addition to a global governance structure, the planned measures include the implementation of a worldwide brand tonality, a new corporate identity and global communications campaigns for all product brands. The Serviceplan Group is also developing guidelines for all digital platforms and for a uniform store concept. Together with end customers, the target group consists primarily of the Group’s employees, as well as its large proportion of customer consultants operating in direct sales. The first signs of implementation were visible in the launch of the new Thermomix, which has been underway in all markets worldwide since March this year.

“With our strategic ‘Global Brand Management’ initiative, we’re completely reinventing the Vorwerk Group’s brand strategy, brand positioning and brand architecture. The central focus is on making communication emotionally charged and on ensuring a consistent identity in all companies and across all touchpoints worldwide. In order to accomplish this undertaking, we’ve put our confidence in the compelling proposal made by the Serviceplan Group. We are very much looking forward to working with them,” Vorwerk’s Vice President Marketing, International, Hillary Roche, explains.

Managing Partner of the Serviceplan agencies Vincent Schmidlin adds: “We are honoured to be providing strategic, creative and communicative support to the transformation of the Vorwerk brand, which we are doing globally across all markets using the House of Communication’s integrated range of services. Brand Management today is about offering agile working methods and flexible team compositions in order to manage multi-faceted and rapidly transforming tasks in a dependable way. We are very pleased that our proposal was successful, and thank the Vorwerk team for their confidence in us.”

Vorwerk & Co. KG was founded in Wuppertal in 1883 and has developed over its more than 130-year corporate history from a carpet factory into a broadly positioned, international group of companies. Yet, Vorwerk remains a family business to this day. Vorwerk’s business model encompasses the development, production and direct selling of high-quality products and services. More than 645,000 people work for Vorwerk worldwide, including more than 633,000 independent consultants and approximately 12,000 regular employees.