GPeC Summit to take place in Bucharest on November 4-5

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GPeC Summit, e-commerce and digital marketing event, is scheduled to take place at the National Theater in Bucharest on November 4-5.  The event will be attended for the first time by renown international speakers, which will inspire and answer questions from participants and share the latest news in digital.

At its 14th edition, GPeC Summit will bring on stage 7 international speakers, best-selling authors and headliners from specialized conferences:

  • Ryan Holiday (entrepreneur, marketer and best-selling author)
  • Vitaly Friedman (co-founder and editor in chief Smashing Magazine)
  • Andy Crestodina (“Top 10 Online Marketing Experts to Watch”, according to Forbes)
  • Christian Holst (co-founder Baymard Institute, a Web Usability Research company)
  • Els Aerts (co-founder AG Consult, expert in User Research)
  • Angie Schottmuller (Queen of Content Strategy based on conversions)
  • Tiffany daSilva (“One of the Most Influencial Growth Marketers”, according to Mashable)

They will be joined by the best specialists in Romania, practitioners with extensive expertise in the field.

Each year, we want to bring on GPeC Summit’s stage speakers that are wanted by our public. For example, the star of last year’s edition was Nir Eyal, author of “Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products”, devoured by the community of online marketing specialists in Romania. This year, joining us is Ryan Holiday, known for his philosophy that will inspire the participants to GPeC Summit when it comes of the Content Marketing strategy, but also personally, via teachings from Stoics

Andrei Radu,

Organizer GPeC

Besides the specialized speakers, the event will also offer to the participants networking opportunities with over 800 participants a day, partnerships and new business in dedicated areas: Expo, recreational and a Cocktail Gala.

Traditionally, the autumn edition of GPeC Summit ends with eCommerce Awards Gala, where the online stores receive the accolades following GPeC competition, which takes place in several categories like Best Start-up, Best online store Experienced or Store of the year in E-Commerce, but also when it comes of commercialized services – food and drinks, sport articles, Fashion, IT&C and others.

People wanting to attend can book a spot on event’s website , with a ticket price starting from 139 EUR plus VAT for both days of events.