Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers signed Dendrio’s rebranding

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Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers conducted the rebranding process for Dendrio, IT services integrator and part of Bittnet, the first IT company listed on stock exchange in Romania and national leader in IT training solutions.

For Dendrio, the strategical brand construction process conducted by  Rusu+Bortun Grand Growers was a thorough one and started with an internal and external audits. The conclusions represented the base of brand strategy for Bittnet and for the commercial separation of the tech services under a different brand. The rebranding started with the purpose to make more clear the services Bittnet can offer to its clients, namely training (education) and IT solutions and services (technology).

We chose to go ahead with the Dendrio name, as it derives from dendrites, the ramified projections of neurons that are relaying the nervous impulses coming from other cells via synapses. Dendrites are representing a network and the fact that they have electrical properties and relay info creates a strong tie with the IT networking and the way computers are connected. Moreover, dendrites are an essential part of the human cognitive process, a thing that allows us to make a connection between dendrites’ functions and the impact Dendrio can have in a company managing the network, data security and everything related to cloud

Alina Tudose,

partner Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers.

Moreover, Dendrio was anchored by Bittnet and will be presented with “a bittnet company” tagline, which will help in achieving notoriety fast and to highlight the solidity and power of Bittnet group of companies. The new logo and the associated forms are shaping a friendly brand, a colorful, easy to understand and up-to-date one.

We are delivering integrated IT services based on cloud, security, networking and complete solutions of mobility, respectively we are commercializing software apps with different licensing options. All so the way the company is taking to be the shortest and the safest. Dendrio. Your Journey. Upgraded. We aim to monetize the existing tech and, in the same time, to identify new tech in order to offer to our clients all the competitive advantages: price, reaction speed, safety, optimization

Cristian Herghelegiu,

CEO Dendrio, VP of technology Bittnet Group.

With a friendly tone-of-voice, the new brand is having a warm and sincere discourse with its clients and focuses on the sent message, using full of meaning words, clear and up to date expressions. The brand values focus on competence, integrity and flexibility.

Dendrio has the ambition to become the leader of IT Integrated market in Romania. The objective is consolidating the integrator multi-cloud position at local and regional level, by increasing presence in Romania and entering external markets and expanding the delivery associated capacity at the level of CEE

Mihai Logofatu,

CEO Bittnet.

The rebranding will be accompanied and promoted with a communication campaign

The teams working on the rebranding included

  • Dendrio: Denissa Iancu – Marketing Manager, Cristian Herghelegiu – CEO Dendrio and VP Technology Bittnet Group, Mihai Logofatu, CEO Bittnet Group and Cristian Logofatu CFO Bittnet Group.
  • Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers: Alina Tudose – partner, Catalin Rusu – partner, Razvan Chifu – partner, Marius Tudor – senior copywriter Anca Uscatescu – senior graphic designer.