Ana-Maria Duduleanu, appointed Head of Marketing Nutricia in Romania

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Starting summer, Ana-Maria Duduleanu took over as Head of Marketing for Nutricia Romania, Danone’s specialized nutrition division. In her new role, Ana-Maria will coordinate Aptamil and Milupa, but also the educational projects for a healthy diet in the first life years offered by Nutricia Romania.

Duduleanu returns on the Romanian market after a 5-year experience in Paris, also with Danone, where she was Danone Marketing Manager for the water brands  (evian, Volvic, Badoit) on the international markets (Japonia, Rusia, Europa și LATAM).

Ana-Maria worked before on the Romanian market, as Aptamil, in 2010.

Anca Romilă, who previously coordinated the marketing activities for Nutricia, expands its professional career, taking over the responsibility for Nutrilon brand in Belgium and Netherlands