Romanian Pro TV to use Druid chatbots to simplify recruiting process

Business, Digital & Media

Druid, producer of intelligent virtual assistents for Entreprise organizations, launches a new chatbot aimed to simplify the recruiting proces within Pro TV, Romanian television part of Central European Media Enterprises (CME), one of the top European companies in audiovisual production and distribution.

The chatbot, nicknamed Punctescu, was conceived by Druid especially for Pro TV’s needs and covers key points in the candidates’ recruiting process, after they were accepted to interviews, evaluated and approved by management. When a candidate is approved for recruiting, the chatbot generates an automated chain reaction. The employment offer is send by email to the candidat. Once the offer is accepted, the chatbot analyzes 5 types of contracts and automatically generates the one suited for the candidate when it come of type of employment or number of worked hours. It also notifies the HR representatives over issuing the offer and invited the candidate over to sign the contract. If the candidate sends an ID photo, the chatbot can process the image and extract the needed info to pre-fill the contract with identification info and specific info regarding the collaboration. Druid is also working on the chatbot to upload the contract in the internal HR app after the candidate signs the contract.

To insure the confidentiality of data and compliance with GDPR rules, all the info are kept within Pro TV infrastructure, including the OCR service. Druid is one of the few providers of chatbots development platforms in the world that allows full implementation with the client, without any interaction with the global providers of AI services. The OCR service is based on a Druid proprietary technology, optimized towards a rate of 99,99% of correct identification of the info on IDs.

The developed solution allows us to significantly cut the routine activities of the HR colleagues involved in recruitment. Moreover, another scenario we can solve now is to generate faster, in real time, the copyright contracts, by a simple scan of the ID with the mobile phone, before guests enter the plateau. It is an extremely fast procedure. In a few minutes, the contracts are pre-filled and ready to be signed

Cristian Popescu,

HR Director, PRO TV

I am happy wit Pro TV’s openness to implement a new tech, which answers the daily needs regarding speed, decision in motion, commodity and simplicity. I am convinced Druid will project and train new intelligent virtual assistents within the company

Liviu Drăgan,

CEO Druid

Druid is the only company in Romania specialized in developing intelligent virtual assistents dedicated to complex processes of Entreprise type and one of the few global providers that covers all types of implementations – cloud, hybrid or on-premise. Hundreds of conversational patterns pre-configured on roles, processes and industries are insuring the launch in production in just few weeks.